Friday, July 30, 2010


Friday is finally here!

First- Grandma is doing okay. They eventually got her stabilized after the cardiac arrest following her procedure on Wednesday and got her moved up to the heart hospital in Sioux Falls (helicopter ride!) that evening. She finally woke up the next morning and last I heard (yesterday) was doing well all things considered. Still waiting for the dr.'s call on surgery.

Second- I'm feeling better about our day today. We've had a couple of evenings visiting with friends (the only one family we know here) and it did the kids good to have others to play with and room to spread out a little. Much better for all of us. They're just so not used to being cooped up in this small space of someone else's place with someone else's furniture and things, without any of their friends around, overdosing on just each other, no yard to run and play in, etc.
And I'm not used to having to entertain/mediate non-stop 12+ hours in a row, several days in a row.
We're headed back home today (after some hopefully quick car repairs this morning) and looking forward to the Robertsons meeting us at our house tonight. Yay!

Then into a relaxing weekend of.... decisions. Ugh.


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