Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm looking forward to a nothing-but-fun lazy summer day tomorrow.

Yesterday we had Caleb who's a little out of sorts at the moment, mostly when it comes to napping, since he's been at other houses while we were gone and with his grandma being off for the summer and keeping him part time. Plus my own kids were insane with their behavior yesterday including -but not limited to- someone peeing in the corner of the basement. Allegedly because an older someone told him too. And then tattled on him. It was a very big straw on an already loaded camel's back. Which meant most of the afternoon was spent separated in their bedrooms, no fun, no tv and definitely no pool.

I always hate using the no-swimming as a punishment because I feel like it's more of a punishment for me than anyone... because then I have to listen to their obnoxious craziness cooped up in the house, or their fighting or their whining about wanting to swim all afternoon. Torture for me. Our swimming pools are great babysitters.
Plus I like to get a little sun too!

Today was go go go as the kids had dentist appointments early (have I mentioned how much I LOVE our dentist... for me, for the kids, they are absolutely THE BEST. I briefly considered a whole blog post on our dentist office two weeks ago when I went and reconsidered today after the kids' appointment. I'll spare you, but if you ever need a great dentist I'll point you in the right direction. A dentist's office that is this enjoyable is a rare find. I look forward to going to the dentist. It's one of the things that almost makes me cry to leave here. True story.)
Dentist this morning, followed by a trip to the toy store to pick up a birthday present, followed by getting Savannah directly to the birthday party, during which Sawyer and I had lunch with friends, followed by the grocery store after picking Savannah back up, followed by returning home and waiting for the Swinigan girls to join us where we had an afternoon/evening of play, pizza, popcorn and a movie.

So Tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to nothing but pool time. Sitting in the sun, watching the kids swim and splash with no whining or complaining or fighting or running in the house.
Just summertime relaxing. A nothing-but-fun lazy summer day. :)

Anyone care to join us?


Laura said...

I understand how you feel about the dentist. We moved 4 years ago but when we go "home" to visit I take my kids to the dentist because he is amazing and wonderful, and his office is so cool for kids. We've not yet found a replacement.

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