Thursday, June 24, 2010

thoughts this thursday

Things that make me go hmmmm....

30,000 (wait, did you really catch that? THIRTY THOUSAND) children die of preventable diseases every day around the world.
Yet, our country is more concerned about spending $146 billion dollars on The Endangered Animals Act in 2009 as opposed to $46 billion in Foreign Aid over the next 10 years..
When we value animals that much more than people, something is very wrong.

80% of third-world diseases are preventable with clean drinking water, a "luxury" countless residents of this world don’t have. Imagine. Clean water, cool clear water to drink, is. a. luxury.
While America pays celebrities and professional athletes millions and millions of dollars to entertain us or to play a game and to be able to afford to drive around in their "luxury" suv's and multi-million dollar homes.

Day 67 of oil gushing into our gulf waters. 67.
I can't wrap my head around the fact that we, as a country, had the ability to get a man not only to the moon, but to be able to walk on it, in the sixties... and yet in 2010 we somehow haven't been able to solve this devastating and ongoing catastrophy; that no one, no team, no group has come up with a solution to this incredible emergency in 67 days. And counting.
The things we've accomplished in space, the unimaginable technology that people have come up with in everything from engineering, to medical miracles, and even for sheer convenience... yet no one knows how to effectively stop this oil gushing under the sea? Crazy.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you found this info... I saw the same info on another blog about a week ago and neither cites a source...

Just curious! I would like to learn more about the facts presented.

Thanks! Allie (I don't have a blog so I don't have anything to link to)

heather said...

Allie- not sure which info you're asking about...
you can find facts on the world's preventable diseases on UNICEF's website as well as The World Health Organization's World Health report. Here's a link to snapshot of some of that info from a few years ago on Global
Let me know if you want more specific links.

Also, you can find much information about the condition and scarcity of the world's drinking water and the affects on communities by doing a quick search for "clean water" or especially "clean water Africa" or India. You'll get a multitude of facts and grave statistics. Including ways to make a difference!

As far as the Gulf situation... that's just my own two cents! :)

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