Tuesday, June 29, 2010

now what

One day of June left.
I feel like I say this every month now, but it feels more incredulous every month;
how can it possibly be July already?!?

2010 is half done.
This realization leaves me very frustrated, discouraged and bewildered.
This whole year is slipping away...
While I feel like our life is on pause.

We've been living in limbo for 8 months.
We've been living apart for 4.

We have yet to find a buyer for our house.

School starts down south in 6 weeks.

This is cutting things pretty close isn't it?!?

I have no idea what comes next.

Please pray for us. Something needs to happen.
Pray that someone wants our house. And that they want it quickly.
Pray that we realize the right area of the new city for our family and can quickly choose the best house for us down there.
Pray for wisdom, encouragement, peace and patience for us.


Mom said...

Have you condsidered that maybe renting for a while may be better ....while you figure out the area??? XOXOXOXO You are all in our prayers.

Christina said...


jessica said...

I am praying for you all often. Hang in there. We are hoping to see you some during this crazy summer. Last week of July. I'll call or e-mail.

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