Sunday, June 27, 2010


Wow the last 48 hours have gone by way too fast. Wasn't I just kissing my husband -and our weekend- hello like five minutes ago?! How is he (and the weekend!) gone again already??!!!

Friday evening was spent at Heather's manning a garage sale. The kids had a lemonade stand and I pawned off some of our bigger toys and things we've outgrown or just didn't want to move with us! It went pretty well :)
Saturday we were up early at it again and then took off before noon to head out to Columbia for a visit with Mike and Kasey and Evan. We watched the US soccer game, the kids splashed outside in the sprinkler and then we all went out for some yummy pizza. We tucked the kids in bed early and spent some good time visiting before crashing for the night. Every one was up bright and early and right after breakfast we headed back home to give the house a once over and do a bit of yardwork for an open house this afternoon. We spent some time at the pool while we had to be out of the house, grabbed some Sonic for an early dinner and just saw Ryan off.
And just like that, weekend done.

I'd like another weekend, pleaseandthankyou.
Nice to at least look forward to next week with a long holiday weekend.


K.M.L said...

Thanks for coming and hanging out. It was fun to catch up and lose to you at Trivial Pursuit! :)

Heidi said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Both on the speed at which this weekend flew by and the joy about next weekend being a long holiday weekend.

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