Monday, June 21, 2010


We made a trip down to Nashville last week and on the way down we detoured to stop and visit with friends in Indiana. They're waiting for the arrival of #4 any day now and a visit from us two years ago prompted labor and delivery for #3, so we thought we'd try again. No such luck so far, but it was great to catch up with Dave and Amie and the boys anyway. The kids had a great time together, Sawyer and B got along fabulously, and amusingly, Savannah and J (who are seven and three!) were best buds playing house and elaborate scenarios with their stuffed animals.

Random pics:
[photography by SJ]
yes, there are a lot, but she really took 99% of these and I love them all!

and the obligatory picture [attempt] on the stairs...

It was kind of a quick visit for our taste, but really good to spend time with such good friends.
Thanks guys and we'll see you again to meet the new little one (girl?!?) so very soon!


Mom said...

Funtimes for sure!The tons of smiles tells all!XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Just saw these. Adorable! AND we DID get our girl!!!! YAY!!!
Amie R.

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