Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wishful thinking

How nice would it be to have Ryan home not only every night after work again, but every day like this week. I think working from home would be pretty awesome.

Winning the lottery would be even awesomer.

We've had a good week. Walking Sawyer to school all together, playing outside, hanging a new tree swing, washing the car, soaking up the sun during soccer practice, having dinner with friends, curling up on our bed all four of us in the evening watching Americas Funniest Home Videos, daddy here for bedtimes... I could go on and on. It'll be hard to send him off again next week. He's a good other half to have around.

I went to preschool with Sawyer today for a Mother's Day mom's morning... it was a great time and it made me so sad to think we're leaving that school for good in a few weeks. It's going to be hard to find a preschool for next year that measures up to that one. And down the street from us to boot!

Also got a paper home from Savannah's school today to determine enrollment and record transfer info. I hate having to check the box for "my child will not be attending Twin Chimneys Elementary next school year". Ugh. We love our school, Savannah has been blessed with two AMAZING teachers in her two year career here, and it makes me almost cringe to have to say goodbye to that. And it makes me crazy that we still don't know what school she'll be a part of next year.

I'm sure I'd feel a lot better about all of this if we could have some plans fall into place... if we could sell our house and have a new one lined up and a date for all of this to happen; know what area we'll be in, what schools we're looking at, start picturing our new life.
Oh and it'd be nice if all that water down there would go away too!

Nevertheless, I still think a lottery win would be nice right about now.
We could keep the house we love, keep the schools we love, keep our neighborhood, keep our friends close and keep our daddy here.


Anonymous said...

living in limbo is for the birds. Let's pray for Jesus to come back right now. Sarah P

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