Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this could have been us

this is exactly where we have been were focusing our house search in the Nashville area...

This is what so many areas of Metro Nasvhille look like, as well as downtown itself. Still roads blocked everywhere. Did you see all of the video?... water up to roofs... in places that were never in a million years considered a flood plain.
Please keep the families there in your prayers. As well as our family as we figure out some of our questions... are we still supposed to move here? What does all this water mean for the housing market there?... Inventory just dropped substantially. Dry areas are so few and far between, is the price of unaffected homes going to go sky high? When will we even be able to get down there and look around? Ugh. It's a mess.

eta: here's a link to more pictures from a friend of my neighbor's... incredible.


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jenny said...

i can't even imagine what these people are going to be going through from here on out. what a nightmare. insane.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Hey Heather. I found your blog! So glad I was able to meet you today at MOPS and make that connection. I am excited to keep up with you in real life and online. :-)

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