Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if you don't have anything nice to say...

which is why I haven't been in the blogging mood lately.
Except for the happier birthday stuff!

Caleb has been super crabby (sick and teething) this week and I feel like I have no patience. I'm supposed to go visit with and go through a Bible study with some girlfriends tomorrow afternoon but depending on how our morning goes, I might have to pass on that as I don't feel like just consoling a fussy baby the whole time.

Sawyer really misses Savannah while she's at school all day and then just gets obnoxious annoying her for attention when she gets home. I think she just likes a little down time and he is just bouncing around bugging her, apparently in the 'negative attention is better than no attention' mindset.
He's like that for the first bit when Ryan gets home on the weekend too.
Not a fan.
Then again, I'm not a fan of much of this separate living arrangement lately, period.

I have two big Double-flowered Impatiens (I think that's what they are) on my front porch in two pots, on either side of the front step. I bought them about two weeks ago, they looked identical. Two of the same flower, in the same pots, getting the same amount of water and the same amount of sun. One looks awesome. One is going downhill fast, all wilty and sad and fading fast. I'm at a loss... what in the world?

Let's see... what else can I complain about??
I'm just feeling real discouraged this week.
And I'm grumpy because I'm trying to diet.
And I have some sort of pulled or pinched muscle in my leg... which is hampering the walking I've been doing so good keeping up on.
And LOST wasn't on tonight.

But I'm glad the sun is coming out tomorrow.
And my house is clean.
And I bought a new hair dryer (so I don't have to make sure I know where the fire extinguisher is before I dry my hair).
And a new shirt.
And I'm going to bed now.


Mom said...

I am so glad you got a new hair dryer.I hope your day tomorrow is a good one. YOU ARE LOVED!!

jenny said...

hope today is better. as far as your plants, i would try repotting the one that is about to die. otherwise ... you've stumped me. sending you good selling mojo on your house still - i want you guys back together asap. i give you props girl. it makes everything just seem worse when your partner isn't around.

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