Thursday, December 17, 2009


Apparently, according to the resident six year old,
all you need to have a plentiful Christmas

is less than two dozen Christmas presents under the tree for the whole family.

We have received just a few small packages of presents from Grandmas and a couple of Aunts and Savannah was just telling me yesterday that under our tree looks like Santa already came. And that we don't even really need his presents because we already have plenty!

Then this morning I found this note on the dining room table...

It's kind of nice to know that my kids don't have outrageous or greedy expectations for Christmas!
...and that I don't need to worry too much about my own last minute shopping for the kids! hehe

Seriously though, I love that we've managed to keep Christmas reasonable around here. I love that it seems the kids really get into the gift giving for others and aren't so focused on what they're getting. I love that the things we give are meaningful gifts or things that we've made and they're excited to give them to the people we care about. I love that it's not just me buying things for them to give to their cousins or their friends or their teachers or each other, but that they want to be involved and really be the giver, whether it's in brainstorming or crafting or doing things for others.
I love that doing all of that and focusing on all of that with them distracts from the materialism of this season and the wants and the "needs" and the toystores and the lists. I love that they see this as a whole season of special time together decorating and celebrating and giving and doing, rather than simply looking forward to what Santa brings and how many gifts are under the tree Christmas morning. That the handful of presents already collected there is more than enough for them.

I love that I've barely heard a peep from my kids about what they want for Christmas this year.
Except for Sawyer and his hopes for a puppy...
That's what he asks Santa (and us) for every day.
Savannah? All she asked Santa for were some Gingerbread cookies. :)


Swistle said...

Heather!! We are CLOCK TWINS! I think I have that SAME big clock! Did you get it at Target, a few years ago? I have it up in our foyer! It is a huge pain to change the time for DST!

Mom said...

Your tree looks beautiful.Only thing missing are the two sweet kids sitting beside it.Thanks for sharing the note,it is too cute.Gramma G XOXOXOXOXOXO

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