Sunday, December 13, 2009

interstate blogging

Did you know I'd be blogging at you from Connecticut today?
Yeah, well I didn't either until this past Friday afternoon...

Very last minute trip for a job offer Ryan has... a job offer that entails an all inclusive predecision-trip before he turns it down decides whether to take the offer or not. This is not really something we'd been considering a good option for us, but decided to bite the bullet and at least take a look out here before flat ruling it out.

And hey, here we are in beautiful RAINY Connecticut. Why would we want to miss out on this?? haha. (I hope it's nicer tomorrow!) We're near New London Harbor to be exact, in Groton. We're staying in Mystic. Mystic Pizza anyone?? We flew into Providence, RI and are having dinner tonight with some old collegues of Ryan's here in Groton.

Tomorrow our assigned realtor is going to show us around the area and give us an feel for communities, houses and maybe rentals and then Ryan is going in to "work" for a bit while I check out the area a bit more. We'll head home on Tuesday.

We have one of the absolute best friend in the world staying at home with our kids these couple of nights... Kasey so very graciously offered to stay at our place and help out with the kid end of things while we're gone. She is awesome. I know they're all going to have so much fun and we owe her big time as this was so last minute -and taking care and shuttling around two kids that aren't your own along with your own baby is no small task. Especially with a broken foot!
Like I said- she's awesome.

I'll report back tomorrow when hopefully the sun will come out and I'll see and take some pictures of this new state!


Mom said...

I envy Kasey this weekend. I always have so much fun "filling in" when you & Ryan get away. But NEVER with a broken foot!!Nor would I want to!!XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Connecticut? isn't that the wrong way?

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