Monday, October 19, 2009

in better news

We had a great weekend around here...
My sister's been here since last Tuesday. She spent a few days down at Fort Leonard Wood for her boyfriend's graduation from basic training (or something or other)(I know, I'm a bad sister for not technically knowing that!), and how convenient was it that this was two hours away from us?! So she was back here with us for the weekend, and just in time for some gorgeous weather.
(I am so excited that fall is back! For the next few days anyway.)

Saturday we needed something to do. It was sunny but still too cold (for my taste) to be outside. We realized we don't personally have much of an arsenal of fun STL things to do with visitors indoors, being that so many of the great and beautiful things are outdoors, and also that most of our visitors are during the summer. So I hopped online Saturday morning to try and find something for us to do. I thought I remembered hearing that the circus was in town so I searched that out, found some good tickets, with $5 off coupons on top of it, and we headed downtown to the circus! It was actually really really fun as none of us adults could remember ever being to the circus... and the kids were stoked! We had a great time. I'm waiting to steal pics from my sister... hopefully I'll share them later.

Sunday we went to church and then introduced Trish to our family tradition of lunch at good ol' Costco. :)
We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the nice(r) weather and the boys actually got some bikeriding in.

Today Ryan was home for the morning so while Sawer was at school, us grown ups and the baby did some birthday/Christmas shopping. Afterward, we picked Sawyer up from school and went out to lunch before taking Ryan out to the airport. He's off gallavanting around the country again for work for the week.
Say a prayer for our cars while he's gone.
The weather today was gorgeous... 75 degrees and beautiful. The kids spent most of the afternoon outside, loving our second chance at fall.

Tomorrow we have a crazy day. I won't even bore you with the lengthy list of to-do's. All I can say is everything is so packed in my schedule I have no wiggle room... nothing can go wrong, nothing can run late, because it'll just throw the three dozen other things off. Ugh.
If I can get through tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a nice quiet week after that...
knock on wood!


Mom said...

You have been in my thoughts & prayers all morning.Little blessings being sent your way...XOXOXOXOX

jessica said...

I can so relate to the crazy busy-ness of life. Hang in there. It never gets better, really, but you get used to it. We miss you guys, and I definitely miss your blogging. I like my personal letter from you every day or two. I am encouraged by you!

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