Wednesday, August 26, 2009

mid week meltdown

I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's only Wednesday. It really should be at least Friday by now, shouldn't it??!

House guests left late this morning. We have a whole week before the next visitors arrive. I can tell it's starting to wear on me. I just want my house to myself.

I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed in general. We've had a ton going on this last month of summer (like I haven't already mentioned that a million times) and we have an awful lot on tap for the fall as well. This is my last week of any kind of "summer freedom" at all and all I want to do is curl up in my house and be alone and forget about all the things I have to do, let alone fun things I want to do with Sawyer while we have some free time.
Sawyer actually starts his speech therapy classes this Thursday. I'm trying to get some projects done and ready as the coordinator for Creative Activities for our MOPS group before next Tuesday. And still trying to figure out something for Ryan's birthday this Friday. Oh, and gearing up for another week of family in town.
Next week we start MOPS on Tuesday and our new Bible study session on Thursday mornings. The following week Sawyer starts preschool Mondays and Wednesdays. Speech Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Then some where in the next couple weeks after that, I'll have an infant here every week day as well. -Which believe it or not, is what I'm looking forward to as being the easiest, most fun part of all this craziness!-

That's not even mentioning evenings...
Monday evenings for Sept, Oct and Nov, we'll have our foster care certification classes
Tuesdays Savannah may do tumbling... (I'm holding off on that because I'm feeling like we're too busy- but really she's not... it's just me!)
Wednesdays Ryan has soccer
Thursdays we have small group

I don't really know how my weeks got so full. One minute I thought, Hmmm... I'll probably have some time on my hands, I should find a part time job... and the next thing I know, all of a sudden I'm realizing we're booked almost every day and adding a new baby full-time to the mix.

So yeah, I'm feeling overwhelmed.
Which I feel like I've been saying a lot lately. I think it's just been compounded with all these people coming and going in our house.
We're counting down to the last visitors coming up soon (although right after that Ryan will be out of town for a week for work, so that'll be crazy as well), and I'm hoping things will calm down for me once we get into the routines of life this fall.

With this week (a whole week!!) in between visitors, between now and next Thursday, I'm also really hoping to make some leeway on the absence of substance blogging here. I have five weeks worth of visiting and vacations (and house project reporting) to catch up on. I'd like to get it all written up and pics gone through before we add more stories to the mix next week.

So watch for my new daily segment: "Things I Never Blogged About.... uh, parts 1 thru 184".
Stay tuned for the first installment...


Nicole said...

Don't you hate it when you get behind on blogging? I've been on a blogging hiatius and feel like I always have to go back and catch up. And really, yes I do b/c I want to document it but its sooo annoying to feel like you "have" to do it, kwim?

I hear ya on the busy-ness. I'm dreading going back to work b/c that eats up 7 hours of my day to get anything done. I hate having to cram errands, activities, cleaning etc into the evenings. UGHHHHH.

I haven't heard anything about Sawyer starting speech before this... what's going on?

Fill us in more on the foster care situation... what's the plan? What ever happened with the little baby that was due in April?

Alderum said...

Jay's birthday is this friday too - weird our husbands have the same birthday. random

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