Friday, August 21, 2009

first day of first grade

Savannah is thrilled to be back at school. She loves her teacher, loves her class, loves the full day, loves that first graders get two recesses(!), loves being an old pro at the whole bus thing, loves taking her lunch to school... just all around loves being a first grader!

And I love that she loves it. I love that she's so confident and sure of herself. I love that she's up and dressed and anxious to go first thing in the morning. I love that she happily tells us about her day, even though she has exasperated once or twice, "I can't remember everything we did Mom!" at our further proddings. And I love that she's ready to get past this first week of "learning the first grade" and on to "learning first grade (or more like second grade in her case) stuff". She's anxious to get to the reading and writing and learning.

I wanted to get more pictures of her after school that first day, but she balked at me.
I also offered to bring the camera out as she left on her second day (she's just looking entirely too grown up for me to believe on her way out the door each morning), but I detected a slight eye roll at that one. She's right though...
there's nothing like the first day of first grade!

Sawyer's loving that school's back on too... he's missed the morning ritual of Foursquare.
I have to admit one of my favorite things about the school year is our bus stop in the morning. Right on our front corner...

So many kids, so many parents, all hanging out before school. Our bus comes at almost 8:30, yet most of the kids are out by 8 o'clock just to play together.
Here's our first morning this year, but it's altogether typical of any morning of the school year...
moms and dads chatting

boys playing foursquare

and the girls who'd rather just gab while watching for the bus and examining each others' outfits and accessories!

(minus the paparazzi of the first day of course!)

Have a great year, my favorite First Grader!!


Mom said...

Why do they have to get so big so fast ??? XOXOXO

K.M.L said...

She looks so grown up!!! Love that she loves 1st grade! :)

Debbie R. said...

So cute and so.....grownup looking! Can't wait to see her and all of you so very soon!
Love, Grandma and Grandpa Sanders

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