Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what a night

Forgive me if this random rambling makes no sense.
With the amount of sleep I got last night, I feel like I'm in some time warp and I'm a new parent with a newborn baby again.

It went something like this:
Kids in bed at 8:45 (late for them because of having company over).
I was about passed out on the couch by 9 with a horrible headache.
Up to bed by 9:45, headache has full-on turned into migraine.
Ryan checked on the kids at 10 before climbing into bed; Sawyer's still awake?
I was just falling asleep when at 10:15 we hear Sawyer in his room yelling, "Heather! Heather! Heather!" (that's his new thing... we ignore him yelling for Mom or Dad, so he's taken to laying up there yelling "Heather!" or "Ryan!") Ryan went in to tend.
I had a hard time falling asleep my head hurt so bad. I'm hoping I was asleep by 11.
Woke at 12:30? to Ryan's phone beeping with a text message announcing a new baby boy. (of course I hear it and not Ryan)
Took me awhile to fall back to sleep again... I was hot and restless and every time I moved I thought I'd have to move all the way into the bathroom to throw up.
Probably fell back to sleep 1:30ish.
3:30, Sawyer appears next to my bed saying he's scared in his room. I shoo him back to his room telling him he can leave his door open.
Of course I can't fall back to sleep. Head is still excruciating. Get up and take more drugs, but never fall back to sleep.
4:30, Sawyer back in again saying he's still scared. (why is he awake for over an hour in the middle of the night?) I make Ryan get up and put him back in bed because I can hardly move my eyeballs let alone my body to take care of him.
5:00 finally fall asleep (I think?)
5:20 Ryan's alarm goes off. Luckily I fall right back off to sleep
Ditto when he leaves at 6.
Then he calls me at 7:15(!!) to remind me about the Malones (I already remembered thank you... I was awake all night remembering) and ask when we can go up and see them.
Luckily, finally, my head is finally feeling liftable... but I am so. stinkin. tired. please don't wake me up and ask me questions.
Hang up and try to sleep a little longer... of course Savannah's in almost immediately, followed closely by Sawyer before 7:30. I guess I'm done sleeping.

So, what, three or four hours of sleep, with a migraine thrown in there in top of it and I'm supposed to function today?

Well at least there's a brand new baby to see today! Our plan was originally to hang at the pool most of the day today, but I'm not up to a day in the sun with this leftover migraine sensitivity, so I'm glad for the excuse to do something else with the kids. Ryan wants us to go pick him up for lunch and visit the Malones. Which means we need to get dressed and get a move on so we can stop and find baby Kye a gift!!
I'm sure I'll be back with pictures!


Mom said...

Here's hoping you get the much needed nap today. Wish I was there to lend a hand.Any idea what triggers the headaches? Take care of yourself,remember to drink plenty of water. You are loved & missed .

anne said...

Is it a full moon or something? I had a horrible night of sleep last night too. Was awake from 3:30-5:30 am for no apparent reason. Mine wasn't even kid related! Hopefully tonight will be better!

Mom said...

There is a full moon.:)

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