Tuesday, July 7, 2009

randomness of tuesday

I have the Michael Jackson memorial/tribute/show thingie on in the background while I'm in and out doing a bunch of stuff.
Anyone else think it's weird that his family decided to dress in uniform, with the same yellow tie, sunglasses and the single white glitter glove?
Singing We Are the World at the end... all sorts of stars and singers up there together... pretty cool. Funny thing I noticed; you can totally tell it's an 80's song... every adult 30 and over in the room was singing along, but the kids and the young adults, the boy who sang a tribute song earlier who is apparently from Britains Got Talent (adorable boy by the way!) and even Jennifer Hudson, when the camera flashed on them you could tell they totally didn't know the words. Kind of funny. I can't imagine not being able to sing along with that song, it's so ingrained in our heads from 1985.

I keep inviting people over and forgetting that we have our kitchen in pieces;
We're putting in a new tile backsplash, painting cabinets, spray painting appliances, and painting walls and windowsills. In other words, it's a wreck.
Yet we're having our small group from church here this evening (for dinner), I invited other friends over for an evening this week and we have a lunch playdate planned for Friday. I just kind of keep forgetting... probably should curb the hospitality until we have a presentable kitchen. It's just such a habit... "oh, come on over!"

And by the way, I officially hate spray paint.

The kids have been sleeping in in the mornings. I just have to say... this makes for a completely different day. I didn't realize you parents who have late morning sleepers have been living in a completely different world than we have been! Ever since last Friday both kids have been sleeping in (Saturday both slept until after 8:30. Sunday I had to wake Sawyer up at 9:15 for church!) and I am loving it. I love the time to myself in the morning, to get started on the day without the kids prodding me out of bed. Love. It.
Of course now that I spoke of it I'm sure they'll go back to their normal 6:30 am rise and shine.

Have you seen WordGirl? We all love it around here. I love it. It's the one show I'll remind my kids is on... "Don't you want to watch WordGirl today?!" We throw out quotes from the show all the time. The kids always pick characters from the show to "be". Of course Savannah is always Becky/WordGirl (although sometimes she's more suited to Eileen The Birthday Girl) and Sawyer always claims he's Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy. Love it.
Gotta go... it's on next!


Amanda said...

My kids love WordGirl!!!!

Nicole said...

I didn't watch the funeral... I'll have to find it online to check it out. Sounds interesting.

I can't wait to see your kitchen makeover! You'll have to let me know how the spray painting the appliances goes... what color/finish are you spraypainting them?

We have watched WordGirl a few times... well, Porter has, but he regularly watches SuperWhy and Sid the Science Kid... I love those two shows! I was just thinking today I need to cancel some other shows on DVR since he's getting a little 'over' them.

jessica said...

Caught up on you today. I love your blog. We miss that family and look forward to seeing you this summer.

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