Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have had a rough week around here... I've yelled way too much, the kids have spent way to much time fighting, way too much time in trouble in their rooms, my ears have heard way too much whining.

Just a few highlights that come to mind....
Savannah painted Sawyer's nose with nail polish.
Sawyer dumped a whole box of Kix out and spread it around the basement.
There's permanant Sharpie marker drawings on the concrete floor downstairs.
I'm sunburned.
Savannah (who is extremely and severely allergic to bugbites) has four mosquito bites she's constantly complaining about. (And if you know Savannah, you know I mean constantly.)

I'm a little apprehensive of the day ahead.

It was already 82° at 6:15 this morning.
Heat index today expected to be 107°.
Sawyer was up before 6am.
We're out of bananas. Big cause of panic for my kids.
So far this morning, I've not been successful in convincing the kids we don't want a repeat of the last three days around here.
Ryan's going to a Cardinal game after work so there's no relief to look forward to at the end of the day except bedtime.

I feel drained from the week and we only have a chock-full weekend ahead.
Good busy (girls' night/book club, friends over, bbq's, etc), but crazy busy none the less.
I think I'll go to bed the same time the kids do tonight...

{End whining.}


Mom said...

If you feel the need to "say" more ,I can be a very good listener. Better to think positive,and know that today WILL be a better day.How about a nice long afternoon at the pool? You stay clothed or covered to protect that burn,and just let the kids tire themselves out.We all know how much they love the pool.XOXOXOXOXXO

anne said...

Well it's already about 2:00 so you've by now made it through a good portion of the day, but it sounds like you're in need of either a few hours at the pool, or a few hours with the kids in front of the TV watching a good movie.

Nicole said...

Sounds like the first few days of this week for me.... I was ready to go get a job at McDonald's and use the paycheck to pay for daycare for the boys! They seriously whined or cried or fussed ALL day!!

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