Thursday, June 18, 2009


Steps to take to avoid a fourth rotten day in a row...

1. let the boy wear his first pair of superhero underwear (I've always just bought the practical and comfier non-character draws from TCP)(he is awfully psyched about Spidey undies!)

2. wear sundress... dressing up a little always makes you look a little better than you feel (and keeping cool goes a long way in your patience level)

3. go ahead and let the boy eat a whole package of graham crackers

4. get in a water fight while everyone waters the flowers and plants together

5. spend the morning getting to know new friends

6. have chocolate chip cookie dough on hand


Mom said...

Yeah ,I can see all these things making for a better day.Especially #6.LOL

K.M.L said...

glad things are going well! we can't wait to see you on Sat. :)

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