Friday, June 26, 2009


There's nothing better than a whole afternoon at the pool to wear a kid out.
This was yesterday...

I had found a Flintstones cartoon on tv (the kids have never seen it and were excited to watch their "vitamin cartoon"!!) for them to watch before I got them into bed. They could hardly hold their heads up.

Today we spent a total of over seven hours down at the pool. The kids and I went down this morning for a couple hours, came back home for lunch and a quick rest time, Ryan came home and as soon as Sawyer woke up we headed back down there, hung out with a few neighbors all afternoon and into the evening and had pizza delivered down there for dinner. We finally dragged the kids home at almost 8 o'clock.

I'm beginning to realize these kids will never tire of the water.
Savannah's working on perfecting underwater handstands and trying to master summersaults. She's having a blast down at the pool because she can touch everywhere in the shallow end, can swim well enough to get around and keep up with her friends, and she knows so many kids down there now from school. It's so fun that she recognizes and knows so many; even kids that weren't in her class... she knows a lot from the bus or just recognizes them from recess or whatever. It's so cool that she's comfortable enough to greet them or join in water play with them. It's funny how many Hi Savannah's we hear while we're down there... a kid pops up out of the water or swims by and I feel like Ryan and I are constantly asking, "who was that friend? who was that one? how do you know that one?" :)

Sawyer is swimming like a fish. Seriously. This kid can swim. It's too bad he won't be able to be on our pool's swim team for two more years (you have to be going into kindergarten the next fall) because I think he's a natural. People are amazed when they ask how old he is and I admit he's only three-and-a-half. As soon as he gets the breathing thing down a little better (he likes to just hold his breath forever... and ever and ever and ever... and then breathe in the water rather than come up for air) he will be able to swim the length of the pool. He can get three-quarters of the way across now (only because that's all the longer he can get his breath to last!!)(and yes, he can hold his breath a crazy long time!). If he had a snorkle mask, he'd have it made.
He's too short to touch anywhere but the stairs, but he's all over the pool. I really don't even have to be in there with him anymore. He knows his boundaries... he'll swim out from the stairs or the wall, but he knows how far is too far for him to swim back. He jumps in with all the big kids and swims back to the wall. He does flips and summersaults and almost has his backstroke down. He's crazy to watch.
He honestly spends 90% of his time in the pool under the water. If he's not swimming (underwater) he's hanging out on the wall or on the stairs and watching things underwater. Sometimes he cracks me up because he's always watching people under the water. Even when he's swimming by, I see his head turn to follow people in the water. If he weren't three years old, he'd almost be the creepy goggle guy... the way he swims in and out around all the moms hanging around the pool stairs, staring at them under the water as he goes by.
He just loves that underwater world. I guess all the warped sights and sounds underwater would be pretty cool to a three year old boy!


AshleyB said...

There is something so magical about kids at the pool during summertime! Living & swimming at the lake has been so great for Tiegan - she is so wiped out in the evenings and I love her little tan lines.
Crazy that Sawyer likes to swim UNDER water, what a brave guy!

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