Tuesday, June 16, 2009

first stop

Before heading out of town Friday on our camping adventure, we had to make a little pit-stop at Circus Flora which is our own local version of Cirque du Soleil. (and no, I didn't mean to plan it that way... we bought tickets months and months ago and I completely spaced it was the same weekend when we {secretively} planned the camping trip. luckily our tickets were for the matinee!)

We loved going to this version of a "circus" so much last year that we've decided it's going to be a family tradition each summer for as long as we're here.

We convinced the Malones to join in the fun and although we didn't technically have seats together, we were conveniently right next door to each other and it was fun to see some friendly faces and visit in and out of the show.

(if you look close you can see Michael -in the green shirt with Yuri on his lap- across the aisle and down the row from us)

We were five rows from the ring (front row of the mezzanine/bleacher seats) just off the center aisle. Best seats if you ask me. Although with the size and layout of the tent, there really are no bad seats.

Ready for the show:

During the intermission and after the show Yuri was obsessed with this antique Caliope organ thingie.

Yuri would not leave it. She didn't really dance, but just stood in front of it soaking in the music. She was mesmerized.

Erin would try and get her to come over and be social with us and Yuri would comply for a moment...

And then next time we looked she'd be right back in front of the Caliope.

Cute stuff!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that it was a good circus. We have tickets for the matinee this Friday.

Steph said...

The kids definitely looked excited to be there! Great pics :)
Maybe Yuri will be a musician when she grows up?

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