Friday, March 13, 2009

it's friday

How about random Friday questions again...

On second thought, let's keep it simple this week.
Tell me the 3 best things that happened to you this week. Since it seems many of us have all had loooong weeks, pick out three things that made you smile. Anything. A good hair day, getting in touch with an old friend, a package in the mail, someone did something nice for you, or maybe your toaster simply popped out the perfectly toasted piece of toast. Best things.

Despite the week we had, there are quite a few on my list.
Top 3: I got some projects that had been sitting around finished up, I've been party planning (always one of my favorite things to do!!), and I'm feeling like Spring is really here to stay; besides the random wacky temperatures we've been seeing, our grass is getting greener every day, there are buds on the trees and it was bright and sunny outside last night until 7 o'clock in the evening. Good stuff!

Your turn.


MacKenzie said...

Yesterday when Jocelyn was leaving with Jeff for daycare she yelled for me and said, "I'll see ya later momma. I love you." Melts my heart. She just started saying it back to us last week.

Today Ian has been smiling, laughing, and trying to baby coo at me for the last hour.

I have 3 weeks of working out under my belt and I feel so much better in the mornings now.

Katie said...

Top 3: dinner with new friends from neighborhood, Russ surprising me with ideas for my book cover, and a great conversation with friend from Guatemala. Pretty good week when I think about those things!

Amanda said...

I started a new Beth Moore Bible study on Esther this week, I've put in 5 killer workouts already and Dan worked from home so he could help with our very sick little Mallory. :)

Annie Schilperoort said...

My top three...reading some great books I picked up at the library this week (Prayer by Richard Foster, A Life Well Lived by Charles Swindoll, Boundaries with Kids, & God Speaks Your Love Language by Gary Chapman), I went to my cycling class with a good friend, Girl's Happy Hour for a friend's birthday on Wednesday, oh and a bonus one...I get to have a photo session in the sunshine this evening. I guess I had a pretty great week! Although, I must say I seemed to be more affected by day light savings than my kids - I've been dragging each morning and feeling groggy until lunch most days! Have a great weekend Heather!

Christina said...

1. Doing the lessons in my new Esther study by Beth Moore have also been a highlight for me.
2. A friend brought us dinner on a day that I wasn't feeling very good.
3. Good hang out time with my hubby this week, and we finally agreed on both a boy and girl name for our new baby.

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