Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy orange day!

... which is what comes after "green day" (known to the rest of the world as St Paddy's Day) according to our resident three-year-old. I was informed this morning that it is now Orange Day and that I wasn't celebrating correctly as I'm wearing a only a black t-shirt and jeans rather than the requisite orange that I somehow missed the memo on. Good thing Sawyer's in the know!

Me, I'm all color celebrated out from yesterday...

Speaking of green, I love love love how spring just bursts here! Just over a week ago (when Josh was here in town -I remember because he commented on it) everything was still sleeping from winter... the trees were bare, the lawns were drained of color and flowerbeds were desolate. Now, today, I can no longer see my neighbors front window due to the blooms filling the tree in her front yard. The grass is almost bright green again and flowers are blooming and opening everywhere. There is no ease into spring here... it's like one day the alarm clock goes off and everything just springs to life. It almost seems overnight.

We have been outside what seems like non-stop for the last five days. And you know I love me some serious spring weather, but I'm about ready for maybe just one cooler, drizzly day right about now to just lay low and stay tucked inside; that's how much we've been out of doors. I have neglected absolutely any and all housework that needs to be done. The gorgeous weather has just been too much to resist. Shorts and flip flops have been the norm all week. We've been out with neighbors what seems almost morning noon and night, we've been to the park, done yardwork, had picnics, we've been grilling every night, and the kids have, more evenings than not, been out till dark coming in just to collapse into bed with their dirty little summertime reminiscent feet. We spent the evening last night with good friends in the backyard eating and visiting until finally, at almost 8 o'clock, I realized -um it's a school night and the kids have been running hard outside all day, I suppose I should get them into bed-. And it was still 70° outside when I went to bed at 10pm.
Did I mention I love spring time??

Of course, next week is our spring break and what's on tap as of now? Scattered thunderstorms and/or showers all week long. Oh well. Maybe that'll be our chance to take a breather, stay in, lay low and re-coop a bit from this week of go go go!


Anonymous said...

Okay, live in Missouri, right? And that's considered the 'midwest', is it not? And I live in Minnesota, and that's considered the midwest. And yes we've had some nice weather the last few days, but nothing like green grass and blossoming trees and BAREFEET?! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

you are making me want to pack up and move south where there is a real spring!! :) i can't wait for those things.

Mom said...

I like how your rainbow(s) turned out.Very Cute.And the green toenails are just the right thing for St.PATTY'S Day.AS for springtime weather...I'll take the slow & easy springtime in Oregon.Wouldn't want to deal with the humidity that MO dishes out in the summer.XOXO

Anonymous said...

That sucks your spring break is next week. Ours was this week and it's been heavenly. We should do a playdate next week. Let me know. Anyway have you seen the movie Tinker Bell? L tells me all the time that's how spring arrives in just one day. LOL

Zoe said...

awww i love those pics!!! especially the green nails! did you enjoy the book?

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