Wednesday, February 25, 2009

spring fever

Birds! I heard birds singing springily (yes, I said springily) at 6:30 this morning. The sun was up and the sky was blue and the birds were singing. Mmmm.... almost forgot it's still February.

Sawyer and I are taking advantage and getting some extra spring cleaning done around here today. It's due to be 60 degrees and I plan on having all the blinds and shades open, windows cracked and get this place aired and cleaned out. It's especially nice for Sawyer's bedroom and his allergies. Besides being more diligent about vacuuming and hot washing his bedding regularly, I've been using this spray every couple of weeks to help knock out the allergens in his room. He has drapes on his window and an upholstered rocking chair, not to mention the small collection of stuffed animals I just can't get him to completely give up. All those things are his enemies when it comes to keeping his dustmite reactive eczema down. I think the spray has been helping this winter, but it'll be nice to get some fresh air and sunshine in to get stuff circulating, moving and out of his room.

Also, I like to take advantage of these nice sunny days to clean all the windows (inside and out). I have to wait around all afternoon for the cable guy anyway -our internet and VoIP phone have been almost nonexistent for 2 days-, so it's a good day for a good cleaning.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ryan can get home on the early side as well and we can work on the garage a little while we have the warmer weather...
This weekend, of course, it's supposed to be getting back down to twenty degrees.
*sigh* I'm so glad March is almost here.


Mom said...

I LOVE hearing the birds singing early in the AM these past few weeks. And now snow flurries are in tonites forecast!!But spring IS on the way. Have you made plans yet for your mini vacation ? XOXOXOX

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