Friday, February 6, 2009


I feel like I've been a major MommyBlogger lately with all the pictures of my kids and documenting their amusing quips. Not to mention the going into labor talk. :)
I definitely have more non-mom 'me' stuff to write about, but it's kind of heavy and while I know it'll be therapeutic to write it out, it's kind of draining putting it all out there... especially in a way that makes sense to anyone but me. I'll get to it one of these days.

In the meantime, more MommyBlogging:
  • Savannah now has two loose teeth! I wish these kids would stop growing up so fast!!
  • Sawyer is on a huge five kick... it's five everything around here. Things happen in five minute increments, we'll do things again in five days, he always takes things in servings/piles of fives, and the best one... "I love you so much Mommy!" "How much do you love me?" "I love you Five Days!!"
  • I think we're going to take a little family mini-vacation this spring. It's looking like our blog trip is off, so I'm thinking spring break-ish might be a good time to spend a long weekend up in Chicago together or maybe hit up one of these water park resorts. Just some fun getaway time with the four of us.
  • We have a couple of projects to attack this weekend; a mini-makover of part of the kids' playroom and also the laundry room. It'll be nice to get some things crossed off the house list.
  • We've been on a random Little House on the Prairie spree around here... our elementary school's mascott is a Pioneer, so that started it all off this year. They've had a few pioneer days at school, and Savannah was very intrigued with all of that. She's now read all of the My First Little House Books and I think we're about to dive into the real Little House Series that we all read when we were younger. The past two weeks I've borrowed library DVD's of some of the tv series episodes and Savannah is obsessed. She loves them. I have to admit I love watching them too... that's one of the only shows I remember watching as a kid and my sister and I spent countless hours playing "Little House" and driving a covered wagon (aka perching on the footboard of the top bunkbed with the "reins" of the cord to the shades on the bedroom window).
Is anyone else as happy as I am that it's Friday?!!!


Mom said...

I'm very glad it is Friday.And you should know that all of us in Oregon love to read ALL that's going on with the kids.Fun stuff to hear/read.Makes the miles between us seem less.XOXOXOXOXO Mom/Gramma G

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