Friday, February 13, 2009

just another friday drive-by

I think I've become trigger happy on this blog... are you sick of posts full of bullets yet?
It boils down to directly reflecting how my mind is organized lately. My week has been full and consisted of lists, to-do's, and short little bullets of things I need to remember to talk to people about (hopefully more interesting than my lists and to-do's).
  • What do you pack for a "school" lunch for a three year old who won't eat sandwiches, doesn't like pizza, and is allerigic to peanut butter. I'm at a loss...
  • Savannah lost her first tooth this morning... she was in the bathroom at 6:15am playing with her dangling tooth in the mirror. Can we get a 'no toothpulling before dawn' rule around here?
  • I'm attempting to shop for a swimsuit today. Ugh.
  • Watched Fireproof last night. A little cheesey, but a great movie. I must say I've never had a crush on anyone like I had a crush on Kirk Cameron when I was 12 years old. (And did I tell you he called my voicemail?!) Should I be embarrassed to say a smidge of that crush was revived last night?
  • I'm getting ready to throw a couple of Bead Parties next week... super excited about this and I'll have a post all about it coming soon.
  • Also: I think the kids are excited about Valentine's Day...
I got a nice holiday greeting from my toilet this morning!

That's about it... gotta run this morning!
Happy Friday all!


Erin said...

cheese and crackers. I was this kid, minus the peanut butter allergy.

kimca01 said...

HA! Morgan is exactly the same! He won't eat leftovers either.

Here's what you do. You get a container with 4 little sections (we get ours at Wal-Mart with the snap lid, forget the brand). Then you fill each section with something different, ensuring that the child will eat something! We do:

Fruit - steamed apples with cinnamon, canned pears/peaches, canned mandarin segments, grapes, melon, strawberries.

Veggie - cucumber slices, mini carrots (which never get eaten), canned sweet potato. Adding dip helps them to get eaten.

Other - rice crackers, regular crackers, fishy crackers, cheddar bunnies, mini rice cakes, cheerios and raisins, bread cut out with mini cookie cutters.

The best thing is that if he will eat something - Morgan won't eat a sandwich but will eat toast and jam, you can leave 2 sections out of the container and add that. He will *sometimes* eat a burrito from the night before (with refried beans) so I stick that in there sometimes and will always eat leftover pancakes - I cut them up then send a little container of syrup.

Then we add to his lunch a couple of these:

Sugarfree applesauce (Motts has all those flavors)
Fruit flavored individual tofus
Craisins (individual pack)
Dried fruit
Fruit leather/fun fruits
Animal crackers
Baked item (muffin, banana bread, cheese straws etc)

Will he eat soup if you send it in a container? (It's a no over here) How about a pizza if it's made on an English muffin so it's not so pizza like? Homemade mac and cheese?

Morgan will only eat 2 sandwiches and it's because I use cream cheese to stick the bread together - either cream cheese and cucumber or cream cheese with a *little* deli meat. He hates it when the stuff falls out!

I'm so sick of the same lunches day after day but hey, give 'em what they'll eat!

Mom said...

Wow,that tooth didn't hang around long.Guess she didn't want the help to pull it out Grampa offered yesterday!!Cute toilet. Aren't you special!!:)

jenny said...

glad you posted about watching 'fireproof'. i didn't add it to netflix because i wasn't sure i'd like it - but as long as it wasn't horrible, i might throw it on there.

kim gave you some great ideas. sweet!

love the valentine toilet! :)

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