Saturday, January 3, 2009

wrapping up

Just a little mid-winter cleaning around here this weekend.
We finally got the tree down today. I hate that task more than any other of the whole holiday season. Not that I'm sad to see Christmas wrapped up and over (although I usually am), but the actual job itself. I hate taking off the ornaments and putting them away, I hate untangling the lights from the tree, and yes, I hate the emptiness in the room that it leaves.

But, *standing up, dusting off hands* it's done.
And the lights are off the house and all the holiday decorations are packed up in the half dozen tubs and put away.

And Ryan is in this strange Must Clean Everything mode. He's been on top of the kitchen, taking over the laundry today, organizing the kids cleaning their rooms, as well as doing a great job of half-jokingly criticizing the way I keep (or apparently don't keep) our house. As we were down on the floor sweeping up the pine needles on the floor, wiping them off a window sill -along with a half-inch worth of dust- he lightheartedly says, "You think maybe we should do some deep cleaning around here sometime? We've never really done any "Spring Cleaning" in this house have we?!"
Um, yes I have. I've actually cleaned these very big windows, sills and tracks (which sit hidden behind our living room furniture) at least every six months since we've lived here. But you're right honey, maybe we should do some deep cleaning more often around here sometime.

That's all we've been up to with these last few days off. Cleaning, packing up. Now the house seems empty without the big tree and little reminders of holiday celebrations everywhere. I'm one of those that would leave it all up till July if I could.

This was one of the very last things I took down this weekend:
I just got used to this great big collage of smiling faces and reminders of friends and family being right here in our living room. I'll miss glancing up there and being reminded of our friends scattered all over the country. I'm looking at this corner right now and it seems so sad and empty...
I'm not one who keeps many photos on my fridge or anything. But I do keep Christmas cards :)


Katie said...

I love Christmas cards also....but, this year we REALLY slacked, we actually had some printed off, but never had the chance to sit, address, & sad is that, pathetic actually!? Looks like New Year's was a lot of fun!

Mary said...

I de-Christmased the house today too. I HATE the emptiness! If it was cool and acceptable to keep my tree up year round, I think I would! ha ha ha

kimca01 said...

Aw, I see my kids up there! You guys are on our fridge, I love how you did the picture so that a person could just slide it out! However, I have said "The Morrison's" about half a million times as everyone wants to know who you peeps are!

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