Thursday, December 4, 2008

mail makes me happy

Since the first day of December I've been eagerly awaiting our first Christmas card in the mail.

I know it's rather ridiculous considering its so early in the month, but I love getting fun mail and I love love love Christmas cards (and photos!!) and so put those two together and you have one anxious mailbox watcher on your hands come December!

I thought today would be the day...
and was once again slightly disappointed when there were no holiday envelopes in my mailbox this afternoon. It was simply a pile of a local church flyer, a magazine subscription *only 2 issues left* reminder, an insurance bill, a credit card statement and a birthday card.
Oh wait, what was that?-- A birthday card? For me?!

In my anticipation of the arrival of Christmas photo cards and family letters, not to mention the busyness of December and the seemingly endless lists of things I'm trying to get done this week preparing for the holidays, I've completely overlooked the fact that my birthday is coming. I find it amusing that I was honestly taken completely by surprise to find a birthday card in my mailbox today.
Yay for another excuse to look forward to getting the mail!!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny. We are exactly the same. I cannot wait for the mail to arrive everyday to see if there are any xmas cards. We got our first one today. I blogged about it in fact. We were so on the same page today.

Heather S. said...

Remind me - what day is your birthday? I remembered from last year that it was in December, but never wrote it down on my calendar!! Oops!

We actually got a Christmas card on Saturday - I don't think I have ever gotten a card in November before.

That's it, though. I'm going to work on mine this weekend - hopefully they will be out next week.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to you early! I LOVE getting Christmas mail too. Only thing is last year and this year I haven't been able to justify financially sending them out ourselves which affects us receiving them. I mean, I sent one via email last year and plan to again this year, but with all the moving we've done (4 states), the big Italian families on both sides (we are talking cazillions of aunts, uncles and cousins) I'd have to send out like 300 cards! Anyway, hopefully we will still receive some. There is just something about snail mail that is still sooooo much fun.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting everyday since t-giving to start receiving holiday cards, too. Still nothing. Well we did receive one, but a neighbor hand-delivered it. That doesn't count:)

LeeAnn Howard said...

I too am a mail junkie! Especially at Christmas time. I got my first card on December 3rd. And got 3 more yesterday!! I can't wait to see them roll in! :)

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