Friday, December 5, 2008


It's Friday.
The day I look forward to all week as the Day I Can Get Things Done.
Sawyer has "school" all day, Savannah will be at school all morning, I can get things done in peace and quiet and without interruption.

Today my plan is to read.
I have a book from the library that is due tomorrow. I was on a waiting list to reserve it for three months and I finally got it two weeks ago (and can't renew it since it's on hold after me).

I planned on reading it on our Thanksgiving trip. And then I left it at home. So that was four days out of my two weeks with lots of wasted reading time.

The rest of the two weeks?... of course I've been busy like crazy. It's not so easy to sit down and read a book when you're baking treats and packing four people for a trip. And then it's not so easy to read a book when you're already involved in two separate bible studies involving daily reading/questions. And then it's not so easy to read a book when you have a handful of Christmas gifts to make, 70 Christmas cards to create, assemble, sign, address and mail out, and three separate Christmas events to plan/prepare food for. Also not easy to read when trying to keep your house relatively clean in the midst of trying to get it decorated for the holidays.

So I already decided.... today I'm reading.

Well, first I have a couple of errands to run and groceries to get when I drop Sawyer off this morning. And I know I'll be tempted to put the finishing touches on my Christmas cards and get them in the mailbox. And I want to take Savannah to get her hair cut when she gets home from school. And then I have to start prepping stuff for our neighborhood progressive dinner tonight.

Um, I hope it's a fast read.

Friday Questions!
It's been awhile...

1. What are you doing on this fine Friday?
2. What time do you get up in the morning?
3. What is your favorite Christmas song/album?

my answers
1. see the babble above
2. usually about 6:30
3. not sure if I could choose just one song... or a favorite Just One Album. Right now I'm always listening to Bebo Norman's newest Christmas one. An old favorite might be (embarrassingly) Kenny G's Christmas. I never owned one personally (although now that I say that, I think I do have a copy on my computer), but I've listened to endless hours of it played at naptime/restime in my classroom throughout the holidays every year when I taught preschool, and to this day there's nothing that makes me feel more holiday-ish than when I hear that music.

Your turn!


Anonymous said...

1. working, then hanging out with max, then after bedtime picking up the house and getting ready to get out all our christmas decorations tomorrow!
2. my alarm goes off at 550am on weekdays... weekends, the later the better, but usually around 7, although max has pulled off 8 a couple times lately. :)
3. i LOVE 'white christmas' by the drifters. more cheesy stuff... i love 'who would imagine a king' from the movie 'the preacher's wife', by whitney houston, and mariah carey's 'all i want for christmas'. :) and just in general, i love silent night and o holy night.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know what book you had to wait three months for! (Is it the Twilight series??!) My answers:
1. It is a COLD, cloudy Friday here. This morning I took Ryan to the children's museum with a friend and her daughter; now I'm wasting time on the internet during nap; and I think we'll just hang out at home the rest of the day. I need to test my strings of xmas tree lights and then make dinner later.
2. I usually get up somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00.
3. I don't have a favorite album, but my all-time favorite holiday song (and some argue it's NOT a holiday song) is "Another Old Lyne Song" by Dan Fogelberg.

Christina said...

1. Today I forced myself to go to the gym because I'm feeling large and in charge with this baby bump going on. I had my sis in law and neice and nephew over after that and we baked Christmas cookies for hours (Spumoni cookies, Spritz, and Raspberry Strips). I made a new pasta dinner recipe, and then we headed to a very anti climatic tree lighting ceremony. On the way home from that we stopped by this farm house that has a huge lights show going on during the season.
2. I usually set my alarm for 6, but get up anytime between then and 7 usually, depending on how I'm feeling.
3. I really love old Christmas Amy Grant classics, like Tender Tennessee Christmas and the like. I also like Harry Conick Jr's Christmas songs.

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