Monday, December 1, 2008


I took a total of five random pictures over our Thanksgiving weekend with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Five. That's it. I don't know why I have some mental block about documenting fun occasions like this.

But here they are, in no particular order, five random snippets of our trip to Minnesota:

John roasted the turkey this year in my grandma's roaster... the one she received for a wedding gift in 1948. And let me tell you, that sixty year old roaster got the job done!

It was just a low key dinner with just the nine of us, but it was a wonderful dinner with the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, the classic green bean caserole, corn, cranberries (which it turns out Sawyer loves!), yummy rolls, a pasta salad and Ryan's favorite carrot and raisin salad. Oh and don't forget the stuffing! For desserts we had some good ol' chocolate chip cookies, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, a peach pie and a chocolate pumpkin pie to change it up a bit. Yum!

Here's where Savannah and Ethan spent what seemed like 93% of the weekend...

that little video game fiend cousin of mine got my daughter absolutely hooked on Buzz! We all spent some time playing both the MegaQuiz and Jungle Party, but it was the kids who were definitely making the most of the lenient holiday video game time! And it was just so nice and quiet when they were all occupied way up there on the third floor...

A quick shot of Sawyer and Gertie ready for a dip in the hot tub. Or as Sawyer calls it, the hot pool.

And this is the only picture I took the last night we were there when we went to their Chirstmas in the City festival. That was a lot of fun; the Christmas lights on Main Street were lit up and all the businesses were open with special treats and scavenger hunts and things like free donuts and hot chocolate or hot cider. The kids got to see Santa and we all took a "sleighride" up and down the Main Street complete with the smelly gorgeous horses. Jessica and I got a free eyebrow waxing at a spa, and the kids got to make crafts and get faces painted and enjoy warm s'mores on one restaurant's back patio. It was a really fun little town kick-off to get us all in the Christmas mood!
On our way back to the car, the kids all stopped for a ride on this "train" together... even the big kids got in on it, so I snapped a picture of all of them:
Gertie (2yrs),
Grace (12yrs),
Sawyer (3yrs),
Ethan (10yrs)
and Savannah (5yrs)....

We had a great visit and it's so nice to have some family within driving distance. Long driving distance, but it's worth it! They're fun family :)

Now if only our trip home had gone differently...


Mom said...

Well ,the pictures may be few,but they tell the story. Glad you guys had a fun and relaxing visit with John & family.XOXOX

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