Sunday, November 30, 2008


We woke up to our first dusting of snow this morning here in Missouri. The kids are on cloud nine. It's supposed to snow all day :)

I was hoping to talk Ryan into getting our Christmas tree today, but I'm thinking he's not going to want to trek out in the wet snow. Oh well. Getting out the lights and decorations will have to suffice.

I have stories to tell of our Thanksgiving travels so I'll be back with pictures and tales later today. And to slowly get caught up on blogs, emails and such. Hope you all had a great holiday!!


jenny said...

the first snow is always so much fun! we were getting big flakes on thursday that made everything white. hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

Mom said...

Well,did it snow all day? Breakfast at the window because they can't bear to miss the "excitement".Just too cute!XOXOXOXOXOX Gramma G

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