Friday, November 7, 2008

two more cents

Sometimes (often) I feel like Fridays after Thoughts for Thursdays should be considered "follow-up Fridays"; to continue conversation about the original thoughts. Sure I usually email back and forth with commenters and that's fine, but so often I want to explain myself better or maybe something someone else has said has made a good point or made me think about things differently and I want to keep talking about it. That happens a lot. Which is the point of Thoughts for Thursdays. :)

So for a brief follow up on yesterdays thoughts;
Please hear me when I say I wasn't trying to come across as "here's what I think people should write or not write" or "I don't want to hear about it" in a sensor yourself way. I was trying to just vent on how tired I am of reading it and that I have to choose to stop reading.
I don't like political discussions or political preaching and I've been feeling like the last couple of weeks (months?) it's just been coming from every other blog I read and it's worn me out. It's one thing to read things about pride in our country or documenting history, reflecting on events, etc. It's entirely another when you find post after post teetering into the self righteous My Beliefs Are The Right Beliefs arena. The Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion (But Then They're Not As Good As I Am) posts that are pretending to be all 'to each their own', but really are just as righteous and petty as any other.

I think it boils down to not so much what I want to read on blogs or not, but I guess more the fact that I just find peoples' tones and the way in which they choose to portray their opinions to be disheartening. It makes me sad and I leave these blogs feeling heavier, disappointed in the way people in this country handle differences. It can get so ugly.
So I was venting some of that, and while I maybe should have thought through my writing a little more instead of posting in the moment (and on top of a bad day!), I was simply trying to convey my frustrations in all of that. And acknowledging that I need to just avoid those things, not necessarily meaning I have any place to dictate what bloggers write.

And I'll shut up now.


Michelle Leigh said...

Heather, I understand and agree completely. I've read way too many random thoughts about Obama being the president in the last 3 days. Really people? Is it the end of the world? Apparently some think so and are being downright mean and ridiculous. In fact, there is a group on Facebook called "Nobama". Seriously, someone took the time to make that group. How sad and what a waste of time. Obviously these people don't have enough to do. I just wish that these people would realize that we all live in the same place. Shouldn't we be able to find some common ground?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree; the way people choose to voice their opinions isn't the greatest... it should be okay to just have your own beliefs and choose to disagree with someone... instead it seems like people like to bash those they disagree with, and oftentimes it's rude, unfair, or just plain WRONG.

I think that people could just step back and realize that if they are sitting there reading a blog (that was written by someone that has the right to free speech), their stomach is full and they have a roof over their heads, that they are better off than probably 90% of the world... but I think there are a lot of people that lose sight of how good we really do have it here.

I'm sick of hearing "I'm moving to Canada." :)

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