Friday, November 7, 2008

it's friday

How about some fun thoughts?
Five stupidly simple things that make me really really happy and are a vital part of my day:
  1. watching weather reports I may be slightly obsessed with the weather. I always want to know the latest forecast, what the temp is right now, what the most recent detailed prediction for tomorrow is... I seriously watch a weather report at least twice a day.
  2. getting the mail I check the mail almost every day as soon as the mailman comes. I love getting mail. Even if it's just stupid bills.
  3. watching my kids sleep for a minute before I turn in myself the best time of the day
  4. a cold glass of milk there's nothing better in my opinion. I get panicky when we run out of milk.
  5. a clock I always like to know what time it is. I feel lost if there's not a clock in the room I'm in. You'd think that would mean I wear I watch, but I don't. I do however, have a clock of some sort in every room in my house :) Plus I like clocks.

Man, looking over my list I sound a little... um... odd. OCD? I promise I'm not. I was just trying to think of the quirky little things that make my day happy.

What are five silly things that complete your day??


Mom said...

Don't think I have 5 things.But I know when I can't check on my families' different blogs on any given day,then I feel out of touch.And the one thing that makes me feel really happy is knowing that my "girls" are happy.If I talk to all four of you on the same day that is a really good day.(throw in a chat with the grandkids and it's even better) I also seem to check on the weather conditions all over the country almost daily,cuz of my kids,siblings and my mom,from one coast to the other! Oh,and really a day is not complete without SOME form of chocolate.I know that's bad...XOXOXOXOXO

Christina said...

5 Things that get me through my day...
1. checking email, blogs and facebook. I'm a little obsessed. I think since I've moved so much in the last 6 years it has become my lifeline to all the people I love.
2. a hot cup of tea. Lately, I seldom go a day without a cup of tea at some point. I'm into ginger lemon right now and just plain ol' peppermint. I also add a squeeze of honey.
3. getting in the word. I'm really doing some great bible studies right now....Fruits of the Spirit by Beth Moore and also a Philippians study with my small group. Both are teaching me so much about emulating Christ in my daily life. If I go a day or couple without spending quality time with Jesus, I feel wierd and I'm not as nice.
4. talking to my mom. We are tight and we talk a couple times a day usually. I love just telling her all the cute/funny things the kids did in a day.
5. checking on my kiddos before I turn in. I agree Heather, it is so sweet to go in and see them so peaceful and give them kisses. It helps erase any hard parts from the day.

jenny said...

a cold glass of milk - yum.

i think i have to think about my five things. that could be a good post for this month. :)

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