Monday, November 17, 2008

packed full

I have to say it's a good thing I planned ahead to fill out gratitude notes each day... as it was, I was about 10 minutes away from missing a post this weekend. And I simply typed out last night's on the way to bed as well. This weekend absolutely flew by!

Saturday we spent some time shopping and lunching and carouselling.
We had a game night that evening with a great turn out, tons of great food, and we all (I think) had a great time. My sister Becky is here in town with us and she had a friend drive in to visit her from Kansas City, so they both hung around and played with us. The Swinigans came to play as well as the Malones, and some new friends joined us also which was so fun!
We, as usual, played Loaded Questions and then migrated downstairs for a couple of intense games of Buzz. I looked at the clock at about 11:45 and realized, "Hey, I haven't blogged today!!"
Luckily I had my little notes to jot real quick!!

Sunday, after church, we took Becky and Angela into St Louis for lunch at the Morgan Street Brewery (and introduced them to the yummiest potato coniques).(I've got to figure out how to make those)(because I can't fathom spending $50 to have them in my own freezer)(but yet they are sooooo good!) We then just wandered around The Landing and around and under The Arch all afternoon.
Ryan and I left the kids with the girls Sunday evening for some "couple time". Only we ended up being even more lame than last time. The thing is, we were still full from the late lunch we had... there were no movies we really wanted to see... it was Sunday night and pretty much everything closes early. We drove around brainstorming and then stopped at Starbucks and got a couple of warm drinks to figure out a game plan. Then we decided to hop next door and look at tv's while we warmed up with the hot beverages. Then we bought a tv.

So it's 8 o'clock at night, we aren't hungry, we aren't thirsty, we can't think of anything to do, and now we have a 32" tv in our backseat. So home we go.
In the end, we spent our date night setting up a new tv, charging our new phones and went to bed early.
Aren't we exciting??


Anonymous said...

We had the best time, even my shy husband. It was great to meet everyone and it was a pleasure hanging out with you and your husband. Thanks for having us.

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