Friday, October 10, 2008

money sale

So the garage sale is going well so far... just from this evening we've already made $200!

Savannah and her friends made a lemonade stand (and made quite a bit of money themselves!!) at the front of the driveway for the evening rush. They were pretty cute with a million and one signs all decorated and they were like middle schoolers advertising for a car wash; five girls standing in a line on the curb with their signs waving people over chanting "lemonade! fresh pink lemonade! get your lemonade!".
I wish I had thought to (or had the time to) get my camera out.
Instead, I just snapped a picture of their table sign after the lemonade was all gone:

I also snapped a pic of the sign Savannah made after we ran out of cups and had to close down the lemonade part of the lemonade stand. They left the money cup out for donations for awhile (which also made quite a bit of money as well!!) and then apparently SJ decided they needed a new angle:You may have to click and look close to see the best part--
Monny (money) Sale. You can give me monny. (
The monny I love) (The name is Savannah)

The money I love?! Who is this kid??
Oh, and The Name is Savannah?!!??

At least E was a little less greedy with her signage:

It is, in fact, a money sale but you don't have to pay :)


Anonymous said...

Glad the sale is going well.And that Savannah found a way to get in on the action.Very cute!!!!!XOXOXO Mom/Gramma G

Nicole said...

HAHAH! That is too funny!

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