Sunday, October 12, 2008


grrrrumpy Sunday.
I am just in a foul mood today.
I'm not sure why; it's a gorgeous sunny day, it's a weekend, blah blah blah.
And I think I'm putting on a pretty good act; I've been reasonably patient with not so reasonable kids this morning, we had a great fall morning to walk to church today, I was nice and friendly and chipper greeting friends at church and in the neighborhood.

But everything and everyone is just getting under my skin and making me alternately want to yell or cry. And I have done both before noon already.


Happier thoughts...

We made almost $400 in our garage sale this weekend! Yay!! Slated for that money are a book sellers shelf for the top of our stairs, our favorite paint for the top of the stairs, and a new bookshelf for SJ's room.

And a happy pic...

A bunch of bored garage sale orphan kids we found sitting on our front step
and took pity on them with treats from the ice cream man.


kimca01 said...

Short sleeves and bare legs still? What the heck, I'm freezing my buns off over here!(Sadly, that's not true, they are still very much there but you know what I mean LOL)

Mom said...

We are also enjoying a beautiful day today.Though not as warm as Mo.must be .(no swimsuits seen around here)Just REFUSE to let anything take away the joy that you deserve.You are blessed, so be a blessing to others.See you in a couple weeks!!! XOXOXOXO Love You

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