Friday, September 19, 2008

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My kidless Friday morning thus far has included stopping by two estate sales and Goodwill. I came home empty handed, but it was so much fun to rifle through old junk in peace! One of the estate sales had an old turntable playing some great old records while everyone was rummaging around the houseful of treasures. I love taking in estate sales. Especially of much older people who's homes still look like they could be straight out of the 60's. I love the old dishes, the vintage furniture, the big suitcases and luggage. I love the fadedness of things and the love worn into them. I love wondering how these people lived, who they were, what things the family took out of the goodies to treasure for themselves.

Next on my agenda is cleaning our bathrooms and tackling our two linen closets. One of the mysteries in my house is how on earth towels, medicines, lotions and first aid supplies get so disheveled so quickly. It's like when I close the closet door they all have a party in there and each time I open it it's more and more chaotic. I swear, they have a life of their own! I think I'm going to install a spy cam...

We have a bbq at Savannah's school this evening and from there we're going to head into the city for the Balloon Glow in Forest Park. I was hoping to get to the Race and stuff on Saturday too, but I think we have plans around home that we can't work around. I used to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival back home a lot and it was always so awesome to see those big balloons up close and something about watching them fly up and float away is just so amazing. I'm excited to head out to this one tonight and show the kids. Savannah's last festival was four years ago and I think it's safe to say she doesn't remember it. :) I went back to look at pictures of that outing just now, and as typical first time parents with a one year old we actually have no pictures of all the gigantic, awe-inspiring hot air balloons; just pictures of our kid:

So of course I'm packing my camera for tonight. Hopefully I can get some cool shots of the balloons all lit up with their fires. And maybe the fireworks. I haven't tried my hand at photographing fireworks yet.

Anyway, that's a rundown of the random excitement that is our life on this lovely Friday. I know the internet is better off having this information added to it.

How about more random info?
Friday Question Time!!
Tell me 1)What color is your kitchen, 2)What one tv show are you most looking forward to being back on this fall, and 3)What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat.

I'll give my answers in the comments. Be sure to leave yours too!


heather said...

1. My kitchen has a bright apple green wall and the rest of it is "oatmeal" (off white). The colors in the room are kind of vintage versions of the primary colors; blues, reds, greens, deep yellows.

2. I can't wait for Pushing Daisies to start again. I know not many people know that show and I have to admit I was skeptical of it when Ryan first told me I should watch it, but after the first time I was hooked! It is one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a long time. To tide me over, Ryan came home with the entire season one on DVD for me last night! Guess what I stayed up way too late watching?!

3. My favorite halloween treats are popcorn balls. Can't wait to make those with my kids this year!!

Anonymous said...

1. My kitchen is likely the same color as yours! One wall has a light green vertical stripe pattern painted onto it, too.

2. Hands down, it's The Office. Can't get enough. (insert Michael Scott's favorite saying here if you watch the show).

3. Only one? Probably Reeses PB Cups.

Anonymous said...

1. My kitchen is yellow.
2. I really cannot wait for Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother to start again.
3. My favorite Halloween treat is anything. I have such a sweet tooth that I could eat just about anything.

Anonymous said...

1) green (must be a popular kitchen color!)

2) i second the office! oh and grey's anatomy!

3) i loooove junior mints... the little halloween boxes are always too small though. :)

Michelle Leigh said...


Gray's or Private Practice or How I met your Mother! I like a lot of them...

Hmmm, Twix for sure. Yum.

Christina said...

1. My kitchen is Garbanzo Bean yellow thanks to my parents who painted it a few weeks ago for me. I love it, it is so fresh, bright and clean looking. I decorate with other shades of yellows, reds, greens and blues (I have lots of different color Fiestaware that inspires me).
2. I'm actually really looking forward to Survivor Africa. It is one of the few shows my husband and I both enjoy watching together.
3. I really love homemade sugar cookies (with orange extract instead of vanilla) at Halloween. I also really like hot tamales.

Anonymous said...

1. My kitchen is kind of a mustard yellow color. Sounds gross, but I don't hate it. I mostly just hate to paint so it's left over from the previous owners.

2. Most awaited show is definitely The Office. And Chuck.

3. Fave Halloween, I'd have to say Reese's pnut butter cups, or the mini boxes of Dots.

Christy said...

1) Kitchen is a butter yellow (don't like it- but it's tolerable)

2)Another vote for criminal minds & How I Met Your Mother-- I have to throw in Big Bang Theory too!

3) By far-- Reese's cups! MMMMM!

K.M.L said...

1. Our kitchen is blue (I've been thinking about changing it, but Mike would probably kill me! ha!)

2. I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy

3. I am a big fan of Twizzlers and Sprees. :)

jenny said...

1) my kitchen is an oatmealish color like yours, then i have morning sky (greenish/blue) metal cabinets. the room is in major need of a remodel (coming soon)!

2) the office and er.

3) reese's peanut butter cups. hands down.

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