Wednesday, September 17, 2008

awesome -or not

in the past week around here:
(I'll let you decide which was awesome and which was not)

  • 3 hours of sleep last night!
  • a two-year-old who doesn't nap anymore!
  • two surprise books in the mail two days in a row!
  • watching Savannah give birth to her very own live cow because she got a rabbit turd stuck between her toes while running around the yard barefoot!
  • a potty-training toddler with diarrhea!
  • a lunch date with girlfriends not involving kids!
  • two (loud) (and good at hiding) crickets camping out in our basement!
  • crafty home-made goodies on the sewing machine!
  • perfectly sunny fall weather to spend our days all day every day outside!
  • vinegar on the fingers of a certain five-year-old who won't stop picking at her lips!
  • cleaning out a closet and finding a hidden stash of Christmas candy left over from stocking stuffing! It's still good!!


Anonymous said...

awesomely, i got four hours of sleep last night. i feel your pain.

fun post!

Heather S. said...

Vinegar, huh. Maybe I should try that with Norah on the fingers that she sucks. We are trying to get her to STOP!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! LOL at the rabbit turd in the toe incident!! I'm sure that was very awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am using the vinegar idea for a four year old girl that won't stop picking her lips. Excellent.

kimca01 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post LOL

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