Friday, September 5, 2008

the sound of silence

Oh, is it Friday already??
I was so distracted by the silence in my house this morning, I seem to have forgotten.
Yummy silence....

I'm off to finish up our bathroom makeover and clean like crazy while I have a couple hours of the house to myself. Yeah, do I know how to treat myself, or what?!!
We have a new light fixture coming that we ordered online and as soon as that's here and up I'll take pictures and show off our new improved master bathroom. I'm so stupidly excited about this bathroom stuff!!

Meanwhile, let's answer a few Friday Questions....
What was the last gift you gave someone, what was the last gift you received, and what are you having for dinner tonight?

Hmm... the last gift I gave... oh yeah- it was just my husband's birthday wasn't it?! I guess that would be it. I gave him a giant box of Li'l Debbie's oatmeal sandwich cookies (because I ate all of his while he was out of town). But I did, that was my gift! I wrapped it up and gave it to him. Because I spent all my money and energy on the basement, remember? So cookies were it at the b-day!
The last gift I received coincidentally, was a box of Junior Mints Ryan left me on the counter with a sweet card yesterday morning when he left for work. Yeah, apparently we really like candy and cookies around here. HA! No, really I've been craving Junior Mints lately and I think Ryan was kissing up a little because he was going to a happy hour after work yesterday and not getting home until after the kids' bedtime :). It was a nice surprise to wake up to though!
And I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight. I have bbq chicken pizza on the menu but I'm really really feeling like take-out tonight... we'll see how that goes!

Okay, your turn. Answer away....


Anonymous said...

what is silence?

i love home makeovers! definitely post pictures when you're finished.

hmm...last gift given was probably to my kids on vacation. just little stuff like tic tacs, but they loved it!

last gift i received was heather s and megan's dinner out for my bday. such fun!

for dinner tonight: we're having matt's HS friends and their girlfriends over, so i'm cooking up a storm. chicken bianco, onion/cheese bread, carrots and salad. one of them is bringing dessert (and the other wine :) ) so i was able to take that off my list of things to do.

now, i have to clean the house. with children in it.

Anonymous said...

oh, that was chicken bianco lasagna!

Anonymous said...

The most recent gift I have given was just on Monday- I gave two new books to a friend's one year old for her birthday.
The last gift I I think it was probably back in July when my husband gave me an external flash for my camera as an anniversary gift- and then I returned it!
For dinner tonight I think I'm going to make Mediterranean chicken (chicken topped with broiled tomatoes, peppers, onions and feta).

Christina said...

Wow, that silence does sound yummy! With John in law school, my days are long with the kids, so the little silence I have is golden! Isn't so nice to be able to accomplish a project during those times? You go girl!
Last gift I gave: Just mailed out a cross stitch embroidered announcement to my girlfriend today for her new baby boy's room.
Last gift I received: Probably this cute white shirt my mom gave me that is roomy enough for my expanding (prego) waistline.
Dinner Tonight: Not too exciting, I think we are just having sphagetti. I have sauce and ground turkey breast meat already cooked up that I need to use with an already half used package of whole wheat blend noodles.

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