Monday, September 8, 2008

seasonal adjustment

I mentioned the other day that I was ready for fall. I've decided now that I might want to take that back.
We had a couple of really cool rainy days (very rainy) last week and even though the weather this weekend was really nice (mostly sunny and in the 70's) little things were reminding me that I am sad summer appears to be gone: For one, it's getting dark so early... I think the sun's setting at 7:30 now. Sad. And It's been darker and darker waking up in the morning. Ugh. Ryan's going to be starting his non-summer, full work week schedule. Boo. AND whereas last year at this time we still had regular 90 degree days all the way through October, there is not a day above 80 currently in our 10 day forecast. I think summer may really be over. And now I'm sad about it.
We never bought ice cream from the ice cream man. We never went camping (YET. I'm still hoping for that before it gets too cold!). We didn't grill enough, we didn't get to the parks with fountains enough, we didn't go to as many free summer movies or free summer concerts as I wanted to. How does the summer fly by so fast?

Sure the fall weather will be great. The kids have been playing outside non-stop. We've gotten lots of projects done in and around the house, cleaned out our garage and have been able to lots of yard work without dying of heatstroke. We can spend evenings outside with our neighbors now, enjoy a fire on the patio and not still be sweltering at 9 at night. Best of all, we can actually open our windows in the mornings and the evenings and not be drenched with humidity.
The change of seasons is always nice. I am still looking forward to long sleeves and socks and baking and the crisp coziness of fall.
But the lazier days of summer are gone. And I'm sad to see it go.

I'm gonna go bake some apple bread.

How long 'til Christmas???


Anonymous said...

OMG you said the C word. It's all over now.

jenny said...

i wish fall lasted longer - but it's like fall is a sneeze here and then boom - snow for six months. :(

you have to wait for christmas until they put the halloween goodies @ target on clearance - lol!

jessica said...

i'm so sad it's fall. we didn't do a whole lot of things we wanted to do this summer either. it seemed like a DAY long.

Kim said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL!! It doesn't last long enough though and soon it will be snowing. UGH.

Burgh Baby said...

Shoooooooooosh! There will be no talk of Christmas until AFTER Halloween?

So, how long until Halloween?

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