Saturday, September 13, 2008

of course

My kids have been up at the crack of dawn all week. They've been bugging me to get up by six thirty (at the latest) all five days this past week. This past week while I'd been fighting off a horrible cold, doped up on Sudafed PM half the mornings, barely able to force my eyes open by 7.

Today is Saturday.
Ryan left at 5AM for a couple of days away with the guys to attend a Purdue/Oregon football game in Indiana. I woke when he left and have been wide awake since, despite really really wanting to fall back asleep. Finally I got up just after 6 thinking, If I fall asleep now, I'll just be grumpy when the kids wake me up any minute...

It's now just after 7 o'clock and both my kids are still sleeping.
Of course.


Mom said...

I hope you can just enjoy the day.Try to go to bed early and get the rest you need.You are loved!!!

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