Saturday, September 13, 2008

he's so serious, he's funny

I just wanted to jot down some of the funny stuff Sawyer's been saying lately...

He's real big on being fussated!! He's almost always fussated!! instead of being mad or upset. And it almost always makes me laugh... just the way he says it every time with clenched fists down by his sides and his teeth gritted! Complete with an Arghhhh to go along with it.

He's also real big lately on letting me know when I'm being "rude". Rude according to him, that is. You know; like when he doesn't get a second fruit snack or dessert without eating his dinner...
Basically when he's unhappy with my answers, "You rude Mom!"
He got in trouble this evening before bed and I told him because of his behavior I wasn't going to be reading any books to him -that he had to go strait to bed on his own. He of course told me I was rude. A few minutes later he was saying a long-distance goodnight to Ryan on the phone and when he was done I was talking on the phone filling Ryan in on the pre-bedtime cahoots and consequences. Sawyer heard me tell Ryan that he had let me know once again that I was being rude; Sawyer then interrupted me and said "Wait Mom, I change my mind. You not rude."
Gee thanks Sawyer.

This kid was on a "I hate..." kick for awhile. Suddenly this summer he was walking around saying "I hate this" and "I hate that". Most of the time we would just reiterate with him, "Oh, you don't like xyz?". Sometimes he would argue "no, I hate it!" or when it would just get to be too much (or if he'd use it toward people!), we'd remind him we don't need to use that word, we can use nicer words, just say 'I don't like that'. To which he always replies, "But me hate squitos!! (mosquitos)" in a very proud of himself tone of voice.
You see, one time, he said he hated mosquitos (during our Michigan mosquito infestation this summer) and seeing as we were all completely exasperated with the mosquitos, Ryan agreed, "It's okay to hate mosquitos! You go ahead and hate mosquitos Sawyer!"
Now to this day, if there's any conversation about the word hate, Sawyer has to pitch out the fact that he most definitely hates, and is allowed to hate, mosquitos.

On the way to his "preschool" on Friday we were driving along in silence for a few minutes and suddenly Sawyer let out a huge sigh and exclaimed "Me so 'cited... (excited)" letting his voice trail off absentmindedly. It was so stinkin' cute.

And he misses everyone! Ever since he got back from his trip a few weeks ago, he's all about the missing. Every morning when Savannah leaves for school as soon as the bus drives off around the corner he heaves a bigh sad sigh and says "Me miss Yannah..."
Then two seconds later he's happily skipping off to ride his bike.
He misses his dad all day when he's gone at work. He misses me at naptime. He misses the neighbor girls across the street when he sees their mom drive up with an empty van while they're at school. And he always says it in such a sad, dramatic voice. hehe.

And I love, love, love when he talks to anyone on the phone (his dad, his cousin, a grandma, etc) and it ends the same way every time; Bye, Yuv you, have a good day! and then a big kiss on the earpiece of the phone!

There's a ton more; I need to be better about jotting things down.

And just silly things like how he's suddenly taken an interest in Diego (Go, Diego, Go) and totally fully enthusiastically participates in the "interactive" show; full-on yelling out words in spanish when Diego says "louder!" and running up to the tv to point things out when Diego asks a question. He loves it.
Also the fact that he's out playing foursquare and catch football with the boys at the bus stop every morning... keep in mind this is a two year old. The boys at the bus stop are a kindergartner, a second grader, and two fifth graders! Sawyer thinks he's just one of the guys. And don't try to tell him different. He'll emphasize (quite loudly) that he's a BIG BOY!!
And probably tell you you're rude for saying otherwise :) .


Mom said...

It was a lot of fun having Sawyer here last month(as brief as it was)He was go go GO ,let's play ball! "Did you see that,Gramma?" I'm afraid he is becoming a BIG BOY!XOXOX

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