Friday, August 29, 2008

what are you doing on a friday night?

We have a great neighborhood. We enjoy the frequent company of almost everyone in a full block radius around our house. Ryan has invited all the guys in the neighborhood over a couple of times for a night of pool or poker or just guy hang out time after all the kids are in bed and it's been a much appreciated, very cool neighborhood thing. It's been awhile with summer schedules and such, but Ryan was talking about doing it again this weekend. I kept suggesting he do it this Friday evening (showing off our "new" basement was only part of my motivation in that), but Ryan kept blowing that off and saying why not Sunday night since they could take advantage of a holiday weekend. Come to find out that's because he's got a fantasy football draft that takes precedence tonight. Yeah, you read that right. A fake fantasy football draft took priority over inviting real live friends over for a night of beer and pool in a cool new basement. I think that's hilarious. And somewhat sad.

Ironically today Ryan directed me to this website he heard about on Colin Cowherd's show.
I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying spending the evening looking over their site and their forums and especially the apparel they've put together...
Hill Arious.
I wish I would have thought of that all myself.
WAFS unite!!!

So that's how we're spending our Friday night. Ryan's doing his chatting and drafting for his couple of hours, and I'm pouring over the hilarious musings on the WAFS website while watching House Hunters on HGTV.
Go us!!

What are you up to this fine Friday evening?


Katie said...

Haha!! That is hilarious! I know, Don went over to Ryan B. to spend the evening doing the fantasy football draft....what dork's!LOL!!

**I've gotta get one of those shirts...too funny!**

my3buckaroos said...

Paul loves Colin Cowherd! Fortunately he's not much into fantasy football. I really like that website, though. Too funny!

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