Friday, August 29, 2008

because it's friday

So it's another weekend already. I say already because the week seemed to fly by here, but then at the same time I've thought almost every day that it should be Friday already. But it's finally here and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Starting with today. It seems this is the first day this week I've been able to just sit back and relax. Well, if you count relaxing as cleaning up the house and finishing up the laundry. :) But it is the first day this week I haven't had stuff on my HAVE to-do list.

And being that it's Friday, here are some questions for you...
Do you put utensils in the dishwasher handle up or handle down... or do you just throw them in without paying attention?
What is the last thing you do before getting into bed every night?
Were you in the band or choir in school?

My answers:
-I'm very particular about putting my utensils in the dishwasher handle up and like utensils together; forks all in one section, spoons all in one section, etc. That way when I'm emptying it, I can just grab a handful of all the handles in one section and put them right in the corresponding spot in the drawer. Seems faster without having to sort and turn some around. I've amusingly heard strong arguments for both ways of loading utensils (isn't funny how every has their own "way" to load a dishwasher!)... some say the handles need to be down to get the "used" part cleaner, but then others say the used part should be down so you're not getting stabbed by knives and fork tongs when you reach into the dishwasher. And some people don't give it seconds' thought. :)
-I check on my kids right before getting into bed.
-I was in both band and choir... I played the flute for four years and was in the choir for all of jr high school. I can't remember exactly now, but I believe I dropped both of those when I moved over to the high school.


Michelle Leigh said...

I put the utensils used side up and they are categorized like you. So much easier to put away.

I also check on my kids before hitting the hay.

I was in choir from Junior High to Junior year. I loved it but dropped it senior year to do something else, i think???

Anonymous said...

i put them with used side up - i feel like they don't get as clean in our dishwasher when you put them down. i do that with everything but steak knives - those go down for obvious reasons. :)

i set my alarm and take my glasses off!

and i was in band from 5-12th grade... played the clarinet. :) loved band. i always liked choir too and was in that in 7-8th grade, but it was kind of hard to do both in my high school and take the other classes i needed to.

Anonymous said...

I put some utensils in up, some down. My dishwasher is old and sucky, and if you put the stuff in all the same way they don't get clean.

The last thing I do before going to bed is apply zit ointment!!

I also was in band, and played the flute from 7th-11th grade. I hated practicing and never got to be that good, but I liked playing at the sporting events, and marching in the disney world parade one year! I dropped out senior year because once that trip to Fla happened, band was no longer "cool." Ha!

Anonymous said...

I put them in handles up. But I don't categorize; too often, they get lined up next to each other and don't really get clean.

I also check on my kids immediately before going to bed.

Band: flute, 6th grade - freshman year. And honestly, I quit because I had to march in the band instead of marching with the pom squad during parades. Hmmm, teenaged girl, and the choice between a band uniform and something akin to a cheerleading uniform? Which one do you think I picked? Obviously, I didn't love band that much.

Kelli said...

We go handle side up at our house. I don't want to be grabbing the clean "mouth parts" with my germy hands when putting them away.

VERY last thing I do before bed is put on chapstick. If I try to skip that last step, I end up laying in bed thinking about how badly I need chapstick (it's mental).

No band & no choir.

K.M.L said...

We put the utensils handle up (used side down).

Before bed I brush my teeth and play a game of solitaire on my phone.

I was in mixed choir in high school just because i needed the credit. I stink at singing! No band either unless you count the viola in elementary school. :)

jenny said...

i throw the utensils in there however, usually used side down.

i tell my boys i love them (and check on tucker if he's zonked).

i was in choir from 7-10th grade and didn't get it as an elective the year they went on a trip! i played the saxaphone for like two years before quitting the gig. :)

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