Tuesday, July 22, 2008

things you learn on a 9 hour road trip in our car

  • Eggy Sutty, Poily Silly, and Silly Paddy are all sufficient names for Silly Putty according to your five-year-old when she can't remember the real name.
  • if you leave Silly Putty/Silly Paddy/Poily Silly/Eggy Sutty in a car in July, it will melt into your car seats and carpet. And make the daddy really upset.
  • a two-year-old can say the word "Mom/Mommy/Mama" at least 784 times in one day.
  • it takes 90 minutes of being confined together in a small car for the first one of us to start yelling.
  • it doesn't matter how many good/healthy/yummy/requested snacks I plan ahead and pack, my husband will still be compelled to buy Ding Dongs and Gummy Bears at a convenience store during a gas stop.
  • kids can argue about anything
  • E Eats Everything... about a dozen times.
  • a 500 mile trip goes surprisingly fast when you're excited about where you're going and who you're going to see!


kimca01 said...

I'm impressed you lasted 90 minutes! I get wiggy just driving from downtown home with two kids - I would not survive a roadtrip!

Anonymous said...

My two year old is the same way with the word Mommy. I am changing my name and not telling him what it is. I should buy a counter that you can click everytime he says it and figure out how many times he really does say it in one day.

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