Tuesday, July 8, 2008

rained out

No soccer today. Boo.
Savannah was actually really disappointed... Which made me happy!! And I just have to say how stinkin' cute she is walking around in her soccer gear. Getting ready this morning walking around in her shorts and jersey with her shin guards and bare feet, ponytail swingin'... such a big kid look. Such a sporty big kid look! I'm taking my camera along tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we spent some time playing out in the warm rain this morning. Sure enough, as soon as they called soccer camp, the rain let up and the downpours mostly subsided. It's the kind of day where in between the showers the sun comes out and everything is sticky and steamy. I really couldn't stand to be outside unless it was actually raining... too hot and yucky. We had fun though.
Here are some pics of the kids playing around with their umbrellas. Sorry, I tend to go a little crazy with puddle/rainboots/umbrella pictures!

I also threw in at the end a couple of shots of the kids in our new sandbox in between downpours. More on that project later...


Anonymous said...

Love the umbrella and sandbox pictures.Another fun summer day.Love you guys!XOXOXOXOXO Gramma G

LeeAnn said...

I really like the first pic! It would make a great black in white in a print too!

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