Tuesday, July 1, 2008

now this is what summer is all about

We spent pretty much the entire day over at the pool today... the kids and I were there before it was even technically supposed to be open this morning, came home for a couple of quick hours of a late lunch and nap for Sawyer, and then were back down there for the afternoon where Ryan met up with us after work and we swam until 6. This is my idea of summer.

Ryan's back down there now at the courts playing tennis with some of the neighborhood guys and the kids are fast asleep. It's already cooled off enough tonight that I can have the windows open (that is rare!) and I'm sitting here with a bowl of strawberries and my slight of a sunburn, listening to a lawnmower (even though it's almost dark?), crickets, and random fireworks outside.
If that doesn't all say Hello July, I don't know what does.
Ah, summer!


Anonymous said...

great pictures!

Dana said...

Your pictures are beautiful! You had a perfect day! I'm kinda jealous! :)

Amy said...

Great shots!

Mom said...

Definately looks like fun!!!Thanks for the pics.Keep 'em coming!!XOOX

LeeAnn said...

He looks like he is having soo much fun! I love seeing your pics Heather!

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