Thursday, July 3, 2008

deep thoughts

I have some deep Thoughts for Thursday this week. Proceed carefully; I don't know if this might be too deep for you to handle.

I think I'm a bad wife.
I am a lazy shaver.

I know. I'll try not to get any deeper than I have to here.
Here's what spurred my thoughts, and then I'll let you share yours. I was having a lovely evening with some friends/acquaintances a couple of weeks ago, having a little "spa" party at Kelli's house. Randomly the topic of conversation turned to shaving our legs. Expensive razors, the hassle of it all, the fact that one of these acquaintance shaves her legs at least (at least?!?) twice a day (what?!?!!!) every day... yadda yadda yadda. Two of the girls' husbands are in a band together and the men frequently are performing or recording out of town. These girls commented on this almost simultaneously, saying how nice it was when the husbands were out of town and they didn't have to worry about shaving. That this was the only time they had that "reprieve" and that it was so nice to not have to keep up on it while they were gone. Everyone echoed, oh yeah, that would be nice...

And I just sat quiet.
Cuz me? I don't shave every day. Only if I absolutely HAVE to. In the summer. If we're at the pool or I'm wearing a skirt or shorts and even then, usually only if I know I'm going to be out in public or if anyone might get a close up look. Even then, I try and stretch it to every other day or so.
And in the winter? Forget about it. Maybe once a week.
Probably not.

So these girls at this gathering the other night... they made me stop and think. And wonder.
(and by the way, this might be expected from some ga-ga newlyweds or something, but one of these girls has been married for 10 years! I'm afraid to think of how lazy my shaving will be when I've known my husband for over a decade.)
I know most people shave their legs almost every day in the summer. That's usually a given. What about in the winter? What about if your legs never see the light of day? Does everyone keep up on it all the time just for the hubby? Cuz I think I missed that memo.

Yes, I try and keep my legs respectable in the bare leg months. And yes, I'll of course make the extra effort for a romantic weekend away or in anticipation or expectation of specific "quality time" in the winter months... but for the most part? Unless the general public is going to see my legs, or I have a rare lengthy and loungey amount of time in the shower, I usually just shave when it's bugging me enough or when I'm embarrassed enough for even my husband to see... which is to say I could feasibly go for weeks.

So is this bad? Am I a neglectful wife? Is this something I should make a priority? Should I refrain from "letting myself go" and save that for when my husband's out of town?? Doesn't that go along with like never letting him see you without make-up or something? Not burping or farting in front of each other? Ooops, are we not supposed to do that either?

I guess I just figure, eh... the guy's seen me birth two children, he can handle a little stubble here and there. He loves me regardless of how smooth my legs are at any given time, right? For better or for worse, right? Apparently in the shaving partner aspect, my husband unknowingly got the worse.
Where do you fall?


Denise said...

I'm totally with you on this one. I don't shave everyday, even in the summer and the winter is a whole other story. I don't ever let it get too out of control, but I figure if my DH makes me kiss his scruffy face for days & days on end, he can put up with my stubbly legs for a few days as well. That's fair right? LOL!

Dana said...

I'm with you and Denise... I don't shave every day. I wear mostly pants during the summer months because of work... so I'll usually shave on the weekends because I know that I'll be in shorts over the weekend.

During the winter... forget about it. I'll shave once a week, if that.

jenny said...

i shave nearly every time i shower. if it is just a quick shower i might skip it, but it only takes me a minute so i just get it done. i don't really even think about it i guess - i just do it.

i don't shave for my husband - i just feel better when i don't have prickly legs! haha!

you are too funny heather! have a great weekend!

kimca01 said...

LOL My best friend and I always have this discussion. I'm a once a weeker (even if it's in the summer, thankfully my leg hair is blonde) which horrifies her as she's an every day shaver. Every day? Like I have that kind of time (or motivation!)

Anonymous said...

HECK NO i don't shave every day. but to be honest, i don't have to. even though i'm a brunette with SUPER thick hair, for some reason i was blessed with very sparse, soft, blonde-ish hair on my legs. i really only have to shave the bottom few inches of my legs maybe every few days... my whole legs, maybe once per week (but in the winter, VERY rarely). today i'm wearing a skirt to work with bare legs and i don't know when i last shaved my knees.

my friends hate me. :)

K.M.L said...

No, you aren't a bad wife! :) In the summer I try to shave every other day and in the winter whenever I notice that it is disgusting...probably at least once every week and a half! :)

Kelli said...

Oh Heather! I did notice you got quiet during that conversation :) hehe.

First of all, I do shave nearly every day in the summer. Winter...I usually shave my legs every couple days.

I doubt how much Joe cares about my stubbly legs, I'm probably more self conscience than anything.

You crack me up!

Misti said...

I'm with y'all. If I manage to shave once a week even in summer it's a miracle. I can't shave in the shower so it has to be a whole ordeal in the tub. In the winter it's even worse. My poor hubby.

Katie Mohr said...

You kill me. Please understand what would happen if I didn't shave at least every other day...there would be new meaning to being a "zoo friend"...


lina said...

OMG! Katie's comment is too funny! I think women get the short end of the stick on this one! We should have been created w/o hairy legs, just my opinion. Shaving is not tops on my list, but I guess it is a must in the summer monhs, nothing worse than running my own hand up my stubbly leg, ewww!

Nicole said...

I'm a little behind on this post LOL!

I don't shave every day, but usually every 2-3 days or so. Definitely not for Ryan, though... I just can't stand the feeling of leg stubble rubbing against my pants/capris/sheets etc. If the stubble-rubbing didn't bother me, I'd probalby shave as little as possible.

Usually I just do a quick swipe over with the razor in the shower. About once a week or so I use shaving gel and do a good shave.

Tiffany said...

I could have written this post! I really only shave when I'm planning to be around non-husbandy people, or like you said, if we've got some Plans. I'm much better about shaving in the summertime, obviously, since there's more of a chance people will catch a glimpse of some leg.

Angelique said...

This is a great topic. It made me laugh and smile!

I am terrible with shaving my legs. I shave to wear shorts, skirts and swim. Then if there are the capri days I shave half way up. LOL.

I hate shaving. But i do love the feel of soft legs.

I wish I had time to shave everyday, but I dont. Somedays I don't even get the time to shower. I figure if i shave once a week we are doing good over here! Cuz that shower lasts about 30 minutes instead of the 5 min or 15 minute shower that I get to have every other day.

Maybe when my kids grow up and move out i can look forward to shaving my legs twice a day- along with traveling the world, losing weight and getting a boob job. LOL.

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