Saturday, July 26, 2008

jumping in

Spending these last two days at the beach has been wonderful. We are truly beach people. I wish we could have done this for our whole vacation. We're very much looking forward to jumping head on into another day of sand and sun here on Lake Michigan. Then we're headed home tonight.

Long day in the sun, long drive, late night.
I'll be back tomorrow with more of our last few days at the river and at the lake. And of course lots of pics.

Happy weekend everyone!


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun at the lake! ('d rather relax and splash in the water and tan on teh beach rather than strip wallpaper all week HUH!?! HAHA!) You deserve a relaxing weekend. Soak up the sun (is there sun?! its gloomy and muggy here today)

I wish we'd have joined you... although there are a zillion projects here calling our names LOL! Bad timing. Bad timing. :)

K.M.L said...

Have fun today and can't wait to see pictures!!!!

jessica said...

oh that looks like a ton of fun. great shots!

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