Friday, June 27, 2008

what's on your list?

As a follow up to my TFT yesterday and in leu of so many DVR addicts supporters, here's a fun Friday question for you...
Whether or not you own a DVR, what are the shows you consider "your shows"? What do you record or watch each week, regardless of whether you get to them each week or save them up to watch on marathon days. Come on, fess up. I won't judge you if you are in love with Rock of Love or a diehard fan of WWE.

Really, all we're watching around here this summer is The Mole.
For the most part, our regulars shows are:
How I Met Your Mother
The Office (usually along with 30Rock, since we're already there)

Jon and Kate +8, when I happen to notice it's on.
And I suppose I should throw Pushing Daisies in there (if it ever comes back!!)

On the kid front, their only regular shows are Curious George and maybe Clifford. And Little Bear on Noggin onDemand. We probably wouldn't do much DVR'ing for the kids, as there is plenty to choose from on the free onDemand cable stuff.

What's on your list?


K.M.L said...

My shows:
The Mole, Jon and Kate +8, Extreme Home Makeover, American Idol

Mike's shows:
Heroes, Basketball, Football

Our shows:
Lost, 24, Scrubs, Office, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy

Nicole said...

My shows:
Jon and Kate +8, Cold Case, Deliver Me (when I was pregnant), Desperate Housewives, Hmm... seems like I had more.

Our Shows:
House, Without a Trace, 'Til Death

Ry's Shows:
Basketball, Football, WWE (UGH! I hate hate hate it. I wouldn't even let him turn it on if I was upstairs HAHA!), 24, Uhm... I'm blanking on his shows. Obviously, I don't watch them and its been SOOOOO long since we've had a DVR HAAHA!

Porter's Shows:
Little Bear, Curious George, JoJo's Circus, Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks,

Dana said...

My Shows: ER, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars

Our Shows:

Kevin's Shows: Office, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, any car/truck shows, 2 and a Half Men, Family Guy, any of the HBO Series shows, there's a few more but I can't seem to remember the names of them.

Jaz's Shows: Hannah Montana, Zoe 101, iCarly, Drake & Josh

Denise said...

My shows: Jon & Kate + 8 and Grey's and of course we have to do Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Gavin.

That's about all though.

Anonymous said...

This past season, the shows I DVR'd were: The Office, 30 Rock, Chuck, AI, Big Bang Theory (super pointless show!), and of course, Oprah.

kimca01 said...

The Mole, John and Kate +8, Birthdays, Hell's Kitchen and his other show forget what it's called, certain Oprah episodes if they look good and a variety of other random things.

Oh and So You Think You Can Dance but I fast forward most of the boring dances!

Anonymous said...

all of these aren't on right now, and a few of them i don't always watch, but at one point or another, i've recorded...

grey's anatomy
the office
project runway
amazing race
the bachelor(ette)
american idol (the only way to watch it is with DVR!)
america's next top model
desperate housewives
biggest loser
the real housewives of OC
hell's kitchen
a baby story (during pregnancy)
bringing home baby (during pregnancy)
the real world
the hills

hmm... do you think i have a problem with reality TV? :)

Christina said...

No DVR here, but we do have that same system on our computer where we can tape shows.

My Shows: The Bachelorette/Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, and America's Next Top Model, American Idol when they are all on. I DO have a reality TV watching problem.

His Shows: CSI, Ghosthunter, I love the 80's, 90's, ect. on VHI

Our Shows: Survivor, So you think you can dance (our alltime fav), Rob & Big and the Soup.

Kids Shows: Word World, Super Why, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora & Diego.

LeeAnn said...

no DVR here, so we just try to remember to watch them when they are on. I too am afraid that I'll be watching more TV if we were to get DVR. There are not a whole lot of shows that we HAVE to watch. We usually try to remember to watch American Idol, Grey's Anatomy. But I usually try to catch up on episodes of different shows on their websites. I like that it shows full episodes online for many shows!

jenny said...

oookay, you asked:

my shows:
days of our lives
the bachelor(ette)
the real world
48 hours mystery
biggest loser
the hills

our shows:
desperate housewives
rob & big
ice road truckers
ax men

for tucker we have:
mickey mouse clubhouse
little einstiens

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