Monday, June 30, 2008

a summer weekend

This was one of those weekends that totally got away from me. What did we even do? And now it's all gone...

Friday Ryan golfed and the kids and I hung out at the pool. And I got sunburned.

Saturday we hit a great estate sale and lugged home a ton of really good old kids books before we took the kids to see a movie. Then we spent pretty much the whole afternoon playing outside, hanging out with the neighbors on our front porch, ending up in their backyard all together grilling burgers for dinner. It was a perfect summer evening.

Sunday was church and then a VBS kick-off Carnival type thing afterward with burgers and hot dogs. The kids had a blast with all the games and inflatables and even though we got caught with some big downpours a couple of times, having to move all the food and tables inside the church, it was fun! Kasey drove in and joined us there and came home with us to hang out for the rest of the day. She and I picked up Heather and then met up with Erin for dinner and drinks out last night. That was a nice little treat.

And now it's Monday morning. I'm having a hard time registering that; since Kasey spent the night last night it really seems like it should be the weekend!
I think I'm going to try to throw together a picnic at the park today with the kids... it's supposed to be awesome weather, nice and mild and sunny. I realized we haven't really even been to any parks this summer yet, the kids are just always so busy playing out in the neighborhood with their friends. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm ready for a change of scenery!
Happy Monday!


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